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What I like about NBA2K23

Bruh this game is fire.  Before 2k22 I hadn’t played a 2k basketball game in years, so this year has been my first experience with MyTeam.  It’s been hella fun for me.  

2k23 Gives You a Great Experience

The game gives you everything you need to have a good time with it, as long as you have the software, hardware and internet to run it and people to play with. 

  • It gives you so many options to choose from – different game modes, thousands of cards, weekly content and challenges and up-to-date help and info 
  • There’s order to the interface – the menus are clean and orderly and give you tutorials on the menus
  • There’s training and grinding – you can hop in freestyle and learn all the moves and jump shots for all the different characters so you can be the best and win more often
  • There’s an auction house if you want to make more MT (MT= cash to buy different things in the game), or it gives you small amounts for free every now and then and some each time you grind within a mode of the game. 
  • There’s YouTubers now talking about this game every day, so there’s always up-to-date help on it outside of the game itself.  This also gives you multiple perspectives, so you can pick and choose the good to take from them all and where they all agree.
  • Co-Op is the best mode.  Period.  2K – Make the grindable modes CO-OP ASAP.  That’d be fire. 
  • It gives you great simulations – it answers questions like “what would X player in Y system be like?”.  What if Yao had license to shoot all the three’s he wanted?  What would that look like?  What if Don Nelson coached Yao and Malik Sealy and Gilbert Arenas and Tacko Fall?  (This is my current team BTW) 
  • They keep MyTeam up-to-date with new weekly cards you can buy to keep the game dynamic and spicy.

Side note:  If you’re a father or mother or just a person responsible for the care of someone else, I think GOOD video games create a great experience over and over and make people feel very engaged and welcomed so they keep coming back.  

You want the people you’re caring for to feel welcomed and engaged right? and you want to feel that way too right?  You have to ask yourself why people are liking video games soooo much nowadays.  It’s because of the experience it gives them.  It’s what I think about a lot as I’m creating my new project Welcome.

From Past Basketball Games to Now

It might just take an older person like me playing the game to appreciate all this game has to offer.  These youngsters playing the game now just think this is all default…like this is the baseline and there’s got to be more. 

The game goes into so much depth and is so detailed and specific about each individual character.  You can look at the different animations, jump shots, tendencies of each player and it’s all unique from NBA player to NBA player.  For the most part, the players really do play and look like they do/did in real life.  These types of games have come so far from games like NBA Jam or NBA In The Zone (the first basketball game I played on the first Playstation). 

Don’t get me wrong – there is hella creative license, and a lot of times it’s not the most accurate.  Yao was a beast in real life, but not like he is on this game currently.  He’s literally a bucket every time down the floor.  Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dunked on and said “This dude aint dunkin like that in real life…only on 2K!”. 

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A Conversation with Artificial Intelligence about Capitalism

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence Platform that prioritizes interactions in a conversational way. And it’s REALLY good. This shit is badass.

I’ve been asking it questions and giving it commands. When I see some of its answers it gives me back, I think to myself “damn…that’s what I was trying to say”. ChatGPT just makes it hella clearer and easier to understand with no fluff.

Lately, I’ve just been thinking of all the downsides of capitalism. It’s been marketed as such a superior economic and political system, but the downsides are HUGE.

Why were there slaves in the US for soooooo long (350+ years!) – primarily because it was profitable.

Why was I given all the bullshit information about nutrition? Why is there sugar and/or flour in so much of the food supply!?

Why are doctors so quick to recommend different surgeries and medicines to me and instead of telling me the natural, healthier alternatives?

Profits, profits, profits. When we’re willing to compromise the well being of humanity and the environment for profits, we’ve gone way WAY too far on the “love for money” side and need to come back to the humanity and oneness side to rebalance.

Maybe ChatGPT can break this down better than I can. Hey ChatGPT…

How does capitalism negatively impact our nutrition?

Capitalism negatively impacts our nutrition by creating economic inequality that restricts access to healthy and nutritious food options. Those in lower socio-economic groups often find themselves living in “food deserts”, or areas with limited access to fresh produce and other healthy options.

Additionally, unhealthy food items are often cheaper than healthier alternatives, making them more accessible to those with limited budgets. High-calorie, processed foods are also heavily marketed, making it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions about their food choices. Furthermore, capitalism can drive up the cost of food production by incentivizing unsustainable agricultural practices, such as overuse of pesticides.

How does capitalism negatively impact our justice system?

Capitalism negatively impacts the justice system by creating a two-tiered system of justice in which those with more resources can access better legal representation and services than those with fewer resources. This system can lead to unequal outcomes, with those who are more privileged being able to buy their way out of punishments or receive lighter sentences.

Furthermore, capitalist systems have been known to foster a culture of greed, with lawyers and judges engaging in unethical practices such as taking bribes or providing favorable outcomes to those who can afford them. This often leads to injustices, with people of lower socio-economic classes more likely to be punished for the same crime as those in higher socio-economic classes.

How does capitalism negatively impact our environment?

Capitalism negatively impacts the environment by incentivizing the production of goods and services without considering the long-term environmental consequences. This often leads to the over-exploitation of natural resources and the pollution of air, land, and water. Additionally, capitalism can lead to a disregard for environmental regulations and laws, as companies prioritize profits over sustainability. Furthermore, capitalist systems can foster a culture of consumerism, leading to increased consumption and waste. This can lead to more emissions, deforestation, and other forms of environmental degradation.

How does capitalism negatively impact the healthcare system?

Capitalism negatively impacts the healthcare system by creating a two-tiered system in which those with higher incomes can access better quality healthcare than those with lower incomes. This system often leads to unequal access to healthcare, with those from lower socio-economic backgrounds unable to afford the necessary treatments. Additionally, the profit motive of capitalism can lead to pharmaceutical companies overcharging for medications and treatments, creating a barrier for those who need them the most. Furthermore, capitalist systems often lead to a lack of investment in preventative care, as it is not seen as profitable, leaving many people without access to basic healthcare services.

After reading these answers I was like…”yup, that’s true as hell”.

It might seem like this is unfair. Why are we only talking about the negatives and not the positives? Well…because we know good and damn well about the positives because it’s been the priority of us to understand and value the positives. We shape our lives around the positives of capitalism. That American dream is everywhere if you live here. We can’t just look at one side of the coin. At some point, we should pay attention to that ugly other side before we HAVE to pay attention to that ugly other side.

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A Dream I Had This Morning

I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m suddenly in a plane (in the cockpit where the passengers are) flying pretty close to the ground. Below the train I get a glimpse of training soldiers.

I land and there’s a car with an Asian guy that looks blankly at the road ahead. I somehow feel like it’s called for me to get in. I get in and he gets excited and starts driving. Little did I know what he was driving me too.

I get in and it’s like a huge camp site with many sections divided off with part buildings and part plastic cubicle dividers. But there are some actual buildings too.

The guy just starts walking and I guess I just assume he’s giving me a tour (which turns out to be correct). First we pass the soldiers training, then we go the laundry room. In there, there are about 3 people plotting on how to put a bomb in the washing machine and blow the place up. We leave there and head to the lunch area.

It was outside on dirt set up like a prison. There were 3 benches that look like this.

I sit down with 2 two black guys who are older. They are having lunch and they share their lunch with me. They are on some spiritual vibes and they are talking to me about life and deep shit. I tell them there’s a guy in the laundry room about to set off a bomb, and they shrug it off. I’m thinking to myself “OK?!? where am I where people don’t care about a bomb going off”.

Another short stocky black guy comes up and demands the table share lunch with him, but nobody does. He says something along the lines of “If yall don’t give me some lunch now I’m going to get mean and have to take lunch from someone.” Nobody offers their lunch, so he takes it forcefully from another guy at another table.

Then everyone, including the short stocky guy, gets hella nervous and everybody leaves their lunch on the table and slowly starts walking away. I see 5 white guys approaching the area. Some people even put more food on the table as if to offer it to the 5 guys coming towards us.

The 5 white guys seem to have a very predatory look on them as if they’re trying to kidnap us and kill us or something, so we’re all on guard in fighting stance. Those 5 people each pick one person (they seem to favor the weak) and take them off never to be seen again, and everybody relaxes. I figure this goes on regularly.

I think to myself, “I gotta get da fuck outta here. Where is the office so I can get checked out. I’m not supposed to be here.”, so I make my way to the front (somehow I just know where the “front” is to check out).

There is a lot of security at the front. They say mother can’t get me out, and father COULD but he’s too far away. I have to leave within the next 10 minutes and he’s like an hour away. It seems like even if they were there, it was all bullshit. They would never let me just walk out with ANYONE. Too much security. I’m stuck.

Then a tall slender white woman shows up from my past and says “I’m here!” with a smile – as if to say “take me away!”. It’s an actual person I know in real life. It’s a woman I relate to as being one of the lightest personalities I’ve met. Everything is fun and a game to her – and she’s been through some serious shit. I wrap my arms around her waist and just walk out of the building and start giving her things to do. She walks out with me without saying a word and immediately starts doing what I say and is happy to see me. It feels so natural, easy and effortless. So amazing. It’s like when you’re at the top of a fun water slide. All you gotta do is get in, let go and slide down. It’s the best part of the dream by far, and I am beyond happy to see her.

I forgot what I told her to do, but I told her to do something while I call an Uber. I tell her to meet me at the top of an Austin Freeway entrance. I remember 1701 at the top. I walk up the freeway to the entrance (I don’t know why we couldn’t walk together lol I think it was me trying to do the most when there’s a simpler way to get where I want to go and a much more fun way). There I see a car conveyor belt (like the ones you see at car washes). My car has vomit all over it so I guess I’m at the car wash because they are charging me to clean it. They say we’ve got to take all the belongings out of the car and make sure there’s nothing strange in them. I object but they do it anyway. I’m escorted to another building that looks like a bank. I see them searching through all my belongings and they give them all back and notice they’ve stolen money out of my wallet so I start yelling “she stole my money!!!”, but then I see all the money in the back of the wallet. I didn’t look good enough and it was there the whole time. I slowly calm down and go to looking at the other things. Then the dreams ends.

My Interpretation of the dream

I’ve been feeling like I’m in hell in real life. And it feels like I’ve been trying to push my way out of hell with the masculine. It feels like there’s a simpler way to do this, without all the force. The highlight of the dream is when she shows up and says “I’m here”. What does she represent? Fun, beauty, lightness, flow, ease and effortless. I can only get so far by myself and forcing. If I let go and look for the simpler way, it might be as easy as going down a fun water slide. That would also make life and flow more sustainable.

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I didn’t want it, but I needed it

Sometimes there are people that come into your life where you perceive qualities they have as negative/bad/dark/evil. You might be hesitant to let that energy in, because you feel it’s not good or comfortable. BUT…if you were to really let that energy in and be with it for weeks/months/years, you might find at least in some way you needed that quality in your life at that particular time. It could serve as a disruption to your reality. It really works well if you aren’t enjoying your reality. This can open you up to a whole nother dimension.

I’m not talking about letting abusers in here. But maybe qualities you have labeled negative, that aren’t so destructive. For example curious. Many people might say being curious is being nosy. Or “bossy” is a label I used. Some might say a bossy person gets things done and is a great delegator.

If you haven’t had this experience, I’d say you just haven’t been exposed to enough different social experiences and/or people. This lack of experience could be due to just being young, or saying no to life’s invitations to experience this. It’s bound to happen with enough exposure to different social scenarios.

I’ve gone through rounds of this. In the beginning, I would stumble into these situations. Now, I’ve learned to use my intuition here after intuitively following it and it leading me to awesome places.

Football (American)

My first experience like this was football. I really had no “athlete” in me, but I had a lot of nerd in there. I wanted to have the experience of being an athlete. I guess after many times watching TV, I didn’t think you can be an athlete and be smart. I always saw athletes portrayed as dumb, while the smart people are the nerds/geeks. In real life that’s definitely not true. I needed that experience though to show me what my body was capable of physically. We trained hard. I also learned a lot about teamwork there. I played lineman, so my position counted a lot! I’m literally protecting the main guy, and the opposition can quickly point me out and exploit me if I’m the weak link.

4 Guys Living in a 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartment

The next biggest one was when I was 23, and a friend invited me to live with him. I said yes, and 2 other guys also came to live with us. At the time, I was pretty annoyed because he didn’t tell me the other two guys were coming to live with us too…in a 1 bedroom apartment!

I had so many reservations about saying yes to this. There were all kinds reasons to retreat and go back to comfort, but something told me “I needed this”, and I was so right. Living with them I learned so much about social skills, masculine energy, fun, courage, honesty, directness, cars, houses, construction, jobs physical work, delegation and asking and getting needs met, performing, women and on and on. It showed me all the things my upbringing was missing. I thought my upbringing was ok – HELL NAH. Sometimes I still sit and think about what I would have missed had I not said “yes” to living with them.

After this, I started really trusting the universe’s flow and my own intuition and the intelligence of the world – things I couldn’t necessarily see with my eyes. Going with this intuitive flow might lead me to a place I would never go on my own, but if I can trust it, it could lead me to a place beyond my imagination.

Maybe it’s a social problem?

Things just got way better from here. I actually started intuitively inviting uncomfortable things that I thought would break up my reality.

I went to a workshop about heart-centered ways to make passive income and that worked, but not for the reasons I thought. I met many people who were already making $10K per month passively, and it helped to ground that goal I had been dreaming of, and I actually started making passive income consistently right after that. This was after years of feeling like it was out of reach.

Then, I started thinking that since this worked so well – maybe I could ground other things that I felt were impossible through surrounding myself with people who had accomplished what I wanted to accomplished. Maybe my problems could be solved socially. So, I tried that in the realm of weight loss next and it worked again!!! Shout outs to foodaddicts.org! Another home run out of the park!

Crash and Burn

THEN IT ALL CRASHED DOWN WHEN I QUIT MY JOB 🙂 The passive income dried up and I gained all the weight I lost back plus much more.

Right now it’s feeling like I need to invite some more music and fitness together. Maybe like training for fighting. And also let more people in to the story now. AND I want to get back some of the great stuff that was there before. We’ll see how this goes.

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How to SUCK at Being an Imposter in Among Us

Photo Source Here

Before we get started on how to SUCK at being an imposter, I want to get a few things out of the way.

  1. I’ve been playing Among Us for some time now, so this article comes with a lot of experience at sucking. When I get voted off as imposter, I can usually pinpoint a reason why. I want to share those reasons with you here.
  2. I started off playing in random rooms with no voice chats, and to me, it’s a way better experience to be able to talk to other players through voice chat or Zoom, so this article will be written from that perspective.

COOL. ? Let’s get right into the good stuff – how to SUCK at being a COT DAMN imposter!

Don’t Talk During The Meetings ?

Being too quiet makes you look sus – ESPECIALLY if people have been playing with you, and you’re not usually quiet when you play with said people. If you want to suck, stay quiet and sus. Maybe someone will be like me and randomly accuse you of being too quiet, which catches you off guard and makes you look even MORE sus.

Talk Too Much During the Meetings ?

You can definitely talk your way right out of a win, and this is VITAL if you want to be a trash imposter. Say anything! Keep talking over people and be overly defensive if someone accuses you. Assuming that what you’re saying is lies, players that are good at deductive reasoning will be able to put the pieces together and sniff you out as the imposter so fast it will make your COT DAMN head spin! If you REALLY wanna SUCK and take this to the next level, actually tell the truth.

Kill Too Fast ?

Patience is NOT a virtue if you wanna be a terrible imposter. If you’re killing in hurry, you’re bound to mess up and have someone stumble onto a body with your name on it! There are soooo many scenarios where you can get caught up if you kill quickly. The possibilities are truly endless. Now go out there and get found out!

Kill Too Slow? ?

Ehhh… if you wanna suck at being an imposter, killing too slow isn’t really the issue it’s made out to be – ESPECIALLY the more people you have.

The more people there are, the likelihood of all crewmates completing ALL of their assigned tasks becomes slim to none because….

  • Some crewmates forget about tasks.
  • A crewmate might be secretly salty because they either got sliced up or voted off and leave a task(s) undone on purpose. Example of that crewmate: “They voted me off for no reason. Screw them! I GOT TASKS LEFT BUT…I AINT DOIN SHIT!” ?
  • New players might not know how to complete harder tasks.

If you want to align with sucking as an imposter, and you want to kill slowly to support that worthy goal, then you must go HARD here. You must commit to killing at a snail’s pace or even not killing at all. That way there will be more than enough meetings for you to get found out or there will be more than enough time for the crewmates to complete tasks – even the salty ones.

There is a sweet spot as to how much you should talk and how fast or slow you should kill to win the game as an imposter. After playing a lot of games, you’ll start to be able to find those sweet spots and you’ll develop your own style. Avoid these sweet spots at all costs, because you don’t want win as an imposter. You’re here to FAIL!

Be Clueless About the Tasks and Room Locations ?

Tasks? Who cares! Maps smaps. You don’t need to know what specific tasks are on each map and where. Just wing it, and make sure to sound very unsure of yourself when you’re inevitably asked about it during a meeting. If you’re a good crewmate who actually does tasks, then the tasks should be fresh in your mind because JUST did them. If you DON’T remember the tasks then well…the first assumption will be that you don’t have any tasks because you’re the damn impasta! When you’re asked about your location when the meeting was called, clueless is definitely the way to go. ?

Don’t Use Sabotages ?

Sabotages? Who needs em? Why did the game even include them?

I mean sure…when there are three people left (you, the imposter and two crewmates) you could guarantee a win by just sabotaging and killing one person during the sabotage. Also, if people are hanging out in a group, sabotages could break up the group at least a little and get people moving around since it’s super difficult to kill while everyone is together. Keep this in mind though – those are reasons why you’d use sabotages to WIN as imposter. YOUR goal is to be as TRASH as you can be at this thing we call being an imposter.

Be Predictable ?

If you have certain signature moves or ways of killing, good players will surely pick up on them if they play with you enough. Are you the one that’s known to always turn off the lights and kill in Electrical? Then DAMNIT, turn off the DAMN lights and kill in Electrical! That way they’ll know it’s you. You can’t go wrong here.

Are you the one that’s always reporting dead bodies? That’s not sus at all! Just keep reporting them!

Anything you always do…just keep doing that and keep getting voted off the ship.

Randomly Start Blaming Other Players With No Evidence ??

I don’t need to say too much about this one, but it’s definitely one that will get you tossed up out of the ship quickly.

Start saying things like “Well, it could be *insert random player* because *insert bullshit reason*. Also, I think it could be *insert a different random player* because *insert different bullshit reason*”.

You’ll want to blame lots of people here and give super weak reasons why you think they’re sus. This will surely have people looking at you with the side eye. ?

Let the Good Players Stick Around ?️‍♂️

This one is usually the biggest reason I get caught. If you want to lose, do not, I repeat, DO NOT kill off the good players. Let them linger around as long as they possibly can.

Newer players and the experienced players that just suck as crewmates (that’s a whole nother article!) might not be able to pick up on what the other things listed above mean. They might not be able to pinpoint who’s behind a massive killing spree that happened in one round. They won’t know who’s telling lies about their tasks because they don’t know the tasks and/or the map layouts themselves. Good players can pick up on ALL that though.

Yup… don’t kill the good players early, and give the them a chance to put ALL the pieces of the puzzle together to solve the case. SPACED!

Final Thoughts

That’s all I got. Again, when I lose as imposter and when I see other people lose as imposter, it’s usually at least one of these reasons listed above if not a combination of them.

That being said, these aren’t all hard and fast rules. There is NOTHING for certain in the unpredictable game that is Among Us. That’s what makes this shit fun as hell.

Finding Your Tribe: Moving Beyond Blood Ties to Discover a Family That Truly Resonates 150 150 admin

Finding Your Tribe: Moving Beyond Blood Ties to Discover a Family That Truly Resonates

In the quest for self-discovery and a sense of belonging, many of us turn to our roots. I did a genealogy test a while back, which revealed that I’m 70% West African, 27% European, and 3% other. This sparked a curiosity within me. What would it be like to connect with those parts of my heritage? To visit Africa, Britain, France, and Germany, and see the lands of my ancestors?

Unearthing Your Genetic History

Understanding your genetic history and aligning it with family stories can provide a deeper understanding of your roots. It might allow you to see the direction and momentum your family was going in. But what if your blood family doesn’t fully resonate with who you are or aspire to be? This is where the concept of finding your tribe comes into play.

Embracing the Different Parts of You

Each of us is a unique blend of experiences, passions, struggles, and inspirations. These facets of our personality don’t have to exist in isolation. In fact, they can serve as a compass, guiding us towards our tribe – the people who share our struggles, are inspired by the same things, and understand our experiences.

It’s rare to find people who have:

  1. Owned the different parts of themselves.
  2. Proactively sought to connect with others who share those same parts.

Following Your Intuition to Find Your Tribe

My journey to find my tribe led me down unexpected paths. I explored many ways of making money, particularly online, as the traditional path of education and a 9-5 job didn’t resonate with me. This journey connected me with people who were on the same path, and those who had already figured it out.

I also struggled with weight issues and a dysfunctional relationship with food. Connecting with people who were making passive income worked so well for me, I thought I could do the same thing with food. And it worked! I lost a significant amount of weight, and more importantly, I learned so much about myself, my habits, and how to help others.

Deepening Connections and Feeling Welcomed

By exploring these different areas, you start to develop deep relationships because you are accessing and sharing deep parts of yourself. People can experience and connect with the depth in your character. This all made me feel a lot more welcomed on the earth. Everyone should at least experience this, right? It’s somewhat presumptuous to tell everyone how they should feel, but who would object to feeling welcomed?

In a world of billions of people and the internet to connect the majority of them, you have so many options to find your tribe. Proactively look for the different parts of you in others and connect with them. When you really get this going, it’s like fireworks and a beautiful party is happening inside of you. This is the beauty of finding your tribe – a family that truly resonates with you.

Why Do I Need a Crypto Wallet? 150 150 admin

Why Do I Need a Crypto Wallet?

As I’ve been talking to people, I’m surprised by how many people are leaving their coins on exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc. I’m going to share with you some reasons why you might want to consider downloading a crypto wallet or purchasing a physical one.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

You literally don’t own the crypto while it’s on the exchange (not your keys not your crypto). An exchange can get hacked or set a withdrawal limit so you can only access so much of YOUR OWN CRYPTO. Also, if there are any technical issues with an exchange, YOUR CRYPTO is locked there. Here is a great article on it.

I’ve actually been through many variations of this myself before I learned my lesson. I had funds on Cryptopia that just disappeared when the exchange went out of business, and it’s still been a hassle trying to get it back. I think I had WAX and Doge Coin on there, but I’m not sure because I can’t check now! I’ve had a time last week where I wanted to send some Cardano I had somewhere on Coinbase, but sending and receiving was halted when I wanted to do it. Awww hell nah.

Getting Coins Early

Besides all that…many of the super gains are from the coins that aren’t on big exchanges yet. Lots of times, once they hit the main exchanges the coin will do a severe run up in price. I remember the days of a coin hitting Coinbase and the price of that coin going 10X because Coinbase just wasn’t accepting that many coins at the time. If you can, you want to buy good coins on DEX’s (Decentralized Exchanges) like Uniswap, Quickswap, Pancake Swap BEFORE they hit the main exchanges.


I’ve had many airdrops and my friends have had airdrops too. An airdrop is a distribution of a reserve of tokens, usually to users who have completed certain actions or fulfill certain criterias. Basically, free tokens for doing small tasks and/or holding the coing on a wallet. SOMETIMES projects give airdrops on exchanges, but almost always they airdrop to wallets. Uniswap literally airdropped 400 of their coins to wallets, and that influenced so many other projects to start airdropping their tokens.

These are the major reasons to have a crypto wallet.

Online wallets are so easy to set up

The wallet I use the most is Metamask, and all you have to do is download the app or the browser extension > copy your secret phrase down somewhere safe and viola! – You’ve got a wallet. It takes maybe 5-10 minutes. When you have that simple wallet, you can use the DEX’s and go to OpenSea and other NFT exchanges and interact with so many other good projects and dapps. Wallets for the damn win!

Thoughts on My First Spanking Party 150 150 admin

Thoughts on My First Spanking Party

I’ve been to quite a few spanking parties. I love them. My first time attending one made a damn lasting impression. This was one of the smaller parties found through Fetlife. There are bigger ones like The Lone Star Spanking Party

Here are some things that I can still remember about it:

Is this real life?

I was absolutely floored that this even existed. It was like a dream land. I tried to play it cool, but I don’t think I could hide how in awe I was that this place was real. A lot of the fantasies and desires I tried to push down, hide, and suppress were in full, shameless expression here.

I remember having this overwhelming feeling like “This is exactly where I belong”.

Another social bet pays off

I had struggled trying to grasp the concept of passive income. It seemed like something pie-in-the-sky magical and unreal. Then, I went to a workshop and got into a closed room with several people who were making a full time income from passive income. It grounded the loftiness of it in my mind. Right then I got to action, and not too soon after that workshop I started making passive income consistently through passive sales on Amazon Kindle and Audible.

It tripped me out that the problem actually got solved socially, so I went to bet again on the social element in foodaddicts.org after struggling with being overweight pretty much my entire life. It ended up working the exact same way! I lost over 100 lbs being in that group and helping other people too. I loved it.

So this is why I attended a spanking party in the first place….and it paid off again! The same way! I had already made 2 bets socially that really payed off well and I know that would serve me for the rest of my life.

There were many people my age, but way more experienced in spanking

I met a lot of people that first night. The group was really welcoming to new comers. I met many people that were my age (32) but had been attending spanking parties and events and had spanking partners for over a decade. I saw that as such a good investment on their part that isn’t talked about as much. That time and experience investment will serve them for a lifetime.

I also noticed there was a clear difference between the experienced and the unexperienced. Some people left me cringing watching them and some left me super impressed at how skilled they were.

Other Random Things

  • The party sounded like a round of applause that went on for about 2 and a half hours
  • I met quite a few mentors there (and even more later at the bigger parties). Several people were willing to show you the ropes and even how to make a full time living being a professional disciplinarian.
  • All the parties I attend happen at hotels. We all try to keep things under the radar while at these hotels. I usually find someone who’s not privy to what’s going on trying to inquire and find out the secret. Someone…somewhere always tries to get the inside scoop. It’s too funny, because they ask inquisitive questions and are always met with vague, ambiguous answers if they didn’t already know about it through Fetlife.
  • I left that first night feeling fireworks in me. FIREWORKS. It lit me on fire. After attending more of these parties, I started working on sharing this social information through the format of a course called Social Expansion, which is now called Welcome Home