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How to Have a Better Relationship With Money

How do you relate to money?

If you don’t naturally have a great relationship with money and you haven’t consciously worked on having a better relationship with money, it’s likely you’ll have a default, comfort zone relationship with money.

To examine your relationship with money, write a letter to it now.  “Dear money,….”  That will tell you.  (I picked this exercise up from You are a Badass at Making Money)

You might start it off with one of these:

  • “Dear money,  I never have enough of you.  You’re always moving to other people.”
  • “Dear money, you always slip through my fingers.”
  • “Dear money, I wish I didn’t have to ask my parents to give you to me.”
  • “Dear money, how do I earn more of you?”
  • “Dear money, why are you always on my mind?”
  • “Dear money, why don’t you stick around?  Do I have bad breath?”

If you wrote a letter, what would you want the letter to say?


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The Biggest Lesson From Monopoly

After many failed attempts and losses at Scrabble, I’ve moved on to playing lots of games of Monopoly.  Before this recent stint, I hadn’t played in years.  In several ways the game Monopoly can parallel life in terms of investments.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be proactive in making deals.  In the above video I’m allenx05 and the others are computer players.  You’ll see in the video at 3:38 “Dog” acquires Park Place (the blue square) for $350.  I know those two blue squares can really do damage if you own both, so I immediately make an offer to Dog at 4:05 to purchase Park Place for $500 ($150 more than what he paid for it).  He accepts…then I’m like…Whew!

At the 4:59 Sumo purchases the other blue square, Boardwalk.  It took me all of about 25 seconds to offer Sumo $550 for Boardwalk.  Those two moves were pretty much the biggest plays of the game.  You can see we’re about to close the book on the game at 19:30 when Dog lands and Park Place and then Sumo Lands on Boardwalk at 21:18. The high rents they have to pay when they land on the blue squares with houses and hotels built on them cripple them.

Being proactive about creating deals and offers is how you win at Monopoly…but take this idea and run.  You’re free to create all types of deals in real life for lots of things! Don’t let rejection get ya down.