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What I like about NBA2K23

Bruh this game is fire.  Before 2k22 I hadn’t played a 2k basketball game in years, so this year has been my first experience with MyTeam.  It’s been hella fun for me.  

2k23 Gives You a Great Experience

The game gives you everything you need to have a good time with it, as long as you have the software, hardware and internet to run it and people to play with. 

  • It gives you so many options to choose from – different game modes, thousands of cards, weekly content and challenges and up-to-date help and info 
  • There’s order to the interface – the menus are clean and orderly and give you tutorials on the menus
  • There’s training and grinding – you can hop in freestyle and learn all the moves and jump shots for all the different characters so you can be the best and win more often
  • There’s an auction house if you want to make more MT (MT= cash to buy different things in the game), or it gives you small amounts for free every now and then and some each time you grind within a mode of the game. 
  • There’s YouTubers now talking about this game every day, so there’s always up-to-date help on it outside of the game itself.  This also gives you multiple perspectives, so you can pick and choose the good to take from them all and where they all agree.
  • Co-Op is the best mode.  Period.  2K – Make the grindable modes CO-OP ASAP.  That’d be fire. 
  • It gives you great simulations – it answers questions like “what would X player in Y system be like?”.  What if Yao had license to shoot all the three’s he wanted?  What would that look like?  What if Don Nelson coached Yao and Malik Sealy and Gilbert Arenas and Tacko Fall?  (This is my current team BTW) 
  • They keep MyTeam up-to-date with new weekly cards you can buy to keep the game dynamic and spicy.

Side note:  If you’re a father or mother or just a person responsible for the care of someone else, I think GOOD video games create a great experience over and over and make people feel very engaged and welcomed so they keep coming back.  

You want the people you’re caring for to feel welcomed and engaged right? and you want to feel that way too right?  You have to ask yourself why people are liking video games soooo much nowadays.  It’s because of the experience it gives them.  It’s what I think about a lot as I’m creating my new project Welcome.

From Past Basketball Games to Now

It might just take an older person like me playing the game to appreciate all this game has to offer.  These youngsters playing the game now just think this is all default…like this is the baseline and there’s got to be more. 

The game goes into so much depth and is so detailed and specific about each individual character.  You can look at the different animations, jump shots, tendencies of each player and it’s all unique from NBA player to NBA player.  For the most part, the players really do play and look like they do/did in real life.  These types of games have come so far from games like NBA Jam or NBA In The Zone (the first basketball game I played on the first Playstation). 

Don’t get me wrong – there is hella creative license, and a lot of times it’s not the most accurate.  Yao was a beast in real life, but not like he is on this game currently.  He’s literally a bucket every time down the floor.  Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dunked on and said “This dude aint dunkin like that in real life…only on 2K!”.