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Finding Your Tribe: Moving Beyond Blood Ties to Discover a Family That Truly Resonates

In the quest for self-discovery and a sense of belonging, many of us turn to our roots. I did a genealogy test a while back, which revealed that I’m 70% West African, 27% European, and 3% other. This sparked a curiosity within me. What would it be like to connect with those parts of my heritage? To visit Africa, Britain, France, and Germany, and see the lands of my ancestors?

Unearthing Your Genetic History

Understanding your genetic history and aligning it with family stories can provide a deeper understanding of your roots. It might allow you to see the direction and momentum your family was going in. But what if your blood family doesn’t fully resonate with who you are or aspire to be? This is where the concept of finding your tribe comes into play.

Embracing the Different Parts of You

Each of us is a unique blend of experiences, passions, struggles, and inspirations. These facets of our personality don’t have to exist in isolation. In fact, they can serve as a compass, guiding us towards our tribe – the people who share our struggles, are inspired by the same things, and understand our experiences.

It’s rare to find people who have:

  1. Owned the different parts of themselves.
  2. Proactively sought to connect with others who share those same parts.

Following Your Intuition to Find Your Tribe

My journey to find my tribe led me down unexpected paths. I explored many ways of making money, particularly online, as the traditional path of education and a 9-5 job didn’t resonate with me. This journey connected me with people who were on the same path, and those who had already figured it out.

I also struggled with weight issues and a dysfunctional relationship with food. Connecting with people who were making passive income worked so well for me, I thought I could do the same thing with food. And it worked! I lost a significant amount of weight, and more importantly, I learned so much about myself, my habits, and how to help others.

Deepening Connections and Feeling Welcomed

By exploring these different areas, you start to develop deep relationships because you are accessing and sharing deep parts of yourself. People can experience and connect with the depth in your character. This all made me feel a lot more welcomed on the earth. Everyone should at least experience this, right? It’s somewhat presumptuous to tell everyone how they should feel, but who would object to feeling welcomed?

In a world of billions of people and the internet to connect the majority of them, you have so many options to find your tribe. Proactively look for the different parts of you in others and connect with them. When you really get this going, it’s like fireworks and a beautiful party is happening inside of you. This is the beauty of finding your tribe – a family that truly resonates with you.