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Studies Ain’t Badass

When I see the words “Studies have shown….” or I hear anything about any study they did at any college – something inside me dies a little.

This is a visual representation of what I feel on the inside:

The study may very well be valid. The points might line up and make sense perfectly. It makes the intelligent part of me go “damn, that’s interesting”.


If you handed me a detailed outline/manuscript of a study, after about 2-3 minutes of looking it over I would probably respond like this:

Being Overly Balanced Isn’t Badass 150 150 admin

Being Overly Balanced Isn’t Badass

Yes, you are centered. Yes it’s calming. Yes it’s necessary to rebalance after chaos. But too much balance is boring and boring isn’t badass.

It reminds me of a boat on some body of calm water that’s attached to the dock. It’s balanced as hell, but it’s just there…chillin. If it was a story, here’s how it would go:

Once upon a time there was a boat in the water.

…The End.

That’s cool for a while, but why not get that thang on the water! Let’s go to the waves bebe. Let’s get some tension in this story. Let’s take some risk! Let’s go out to shark infested waters and get stranded somehow like 90% of all shark movies! Just some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Aviator Sunglasses are Badass 150 150 admin

Aviator Sunglasses are Badass

Something like these.

They can’t be cheap though.  I’m thinking of cheap not in terms of price but in terms of being flimsy, easily breakable, no real thought put into it, etc.  High Quality is badass.

Aviator sunglasses with the suit is player.

The Man Behind the Suit is Important to Determine the Badassness of the Suit 150 150 admin

The Man Behind the Suit is Important to Determine the Badassness of the Suit

On the surface, suits are marketed to be badass, but not all suits are created equal.

If you’re wearing a suit to a dusty ass office with your old school suitcase ready to finish your TPS reports for Lumbergh all while crammed in your little ass “office” that’s really a glorified cubicle then nah bruh – Your suit ain’t badass at all.

See this guy below.  He just might be the guy that keeps calling me about my damn student loans.


Compare that shit to Kobe’s suit.  He’s was just about to stroll in and drop a good 45 points on somebody that night.  The suit is different.  The suit is badass.

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Badass Overload

Damn there’s so much Badass shit in the world!  There’s also a lot of shit that’s marketed to be badass, so it appears to be badass on the surface, but when you dig deeper it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Example > beer!

Yo…we’re gonna talk about all that shit here.

  • Customization is badass
  • Fashion can be badass (overly obsessing over fashion is not badass)
  • Addiction is not badass (ask an addict!), but sometimes can be expressed in a badass way, creating the illusion that it is in fact badass
  • Trying to hard to be badass isn’t badass
  • Mystery is badass
  • Winning is badass
  • Creating amazing shit is badass
  • Conscious lifestyle design is badass
  • Complaining and whining is not badass
  • Giving 100 percent effort is badass
  • Growth is badass
  • Tribes are badass
  • High Quality is badass (but seeing improvement from shitty quality to high quality is pretty badass too)
  • The Internet is badass
  • Royalties are badass
  • Passive Income is badass
  • Doing shit that scares the FUCK outta you is badass
  • Rap and Hip-Hop is Badass
  • Spanking women who like being spanked is badass


Too Much Badass is Not Badass 150 150 admin

Too Much Badass is Not Badass

Listen.  If there’s badass all over this site, then it actually takes away from the badassery of it all.  Too much of anything is not good!

Synonyms for badass

Here are some synonyms I interchange with badass – tight, nice, cold, clean, goes hard, smooth, player, oh hell yeah, was sup


  • Dat’s nice.
  • Oh shit, dat’s tight.
  • Dat’s clean
  • Dat’s player
  • Dat shit goes hard (usually talkin about music here)
  • Oh hell yeah
  • Damn, that shit is clean (usually something to do with design)
  • Damn, dats was sup
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Outsourcing is Badass

Outsourcing is badass because struggling with something you don’t want to struggle with is NOT badass.  There are people out there that WANT and NEED to do things I am presently not able to do or can do it way better than I can.  Why not let them do it in exchange for something they want (usually money).  I get something badass…they get what they want too, so it’s a win-win.

My Experience With Outsourcing

The first thing I ever outsourced was a banner for yougotdunkedon.com.  I smile because that blog got mentioned on TV and was my first experience with passive income.  There was a badass digital artist in a forum I was a member of.  He was the best I saw in the forum (and we all had skills) and I asked him to design a banner for me, and it worked out pretty nice right?(I think E-klipse if you want to check out his work)

It was at that moment I realized…damn.  Other people can do shit way better than me, and unless I wanted to go through every learning curve to produce results I wanted in different areas…it just made sense to ask other people who were better and to accept that I didn’t have to do it all myself. It gave me so much respect for other people and their natural talents and abilities.

Not too long after that I moved in with a friend who was amazing at delegation. His father was a business owner and had groomed him to delegate.  Seeing the way he was was such a contrast to who I was at the time.  I had only seen employees and been in employee land and it highlighted how much I was actually taking orders and had no clue about what orders to give or how to even be in that role of giving orders.  I remember it feeling really weird at the time.  Making a request of someone else immediately makes me feel a different way than being on the other side of a request.  Just being around was different, but he also introduced me to Upwork which was called E-Lance at the time.  He brought me out to his place to work on a business called YouPick.

Fast forward about 7 years and I met a young guy at CLW who was really leveraging Upwork to run his business.  A lot.  It inspired me to outsource all aspects of the Broderotica books.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

It changed my view on celebrities too.  I see how celebrities become celebrities.  I would put celebrities on this pedestal and think they were these amazing people who did amazing things all on their own, but that isn’t the case at all.  The highest performing athletes have coaches and opponents to push them.  The musicians have people who work on stage production, marketing, sales, travel arrangements etc.   When they accept their awards and say they have a great team behind them, they ain’t lying.

Where to Outsource

When I think outsourcing, I’m immediately going to Fiverr or Upwork, but forums and Facebook groups work too.  Shit…anywhere where there are people with talents you want and need will do.  I usually outsource creative stuff – book covers, logos, writing, technical stuff, but I ain’t even close to done yet.  If you want to be real about it…you’re probably outsourcing a lot already.

Badass Characters 150 150 admin

Badass Characters

Here are some badass characters I like(d).  Batman would be on here if not for that damn cape.  His cape killed everything.


Rafael From the Ninja Turtles.  This movie specifically.


Eddy Gordo from Tekken 3


Wolverine from X-Men


Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z


M. Bison from Street Fighter


Denzel in Training Day


Bad Boys from Bad Boys


Tony Montana


The characters above this sentence all had some type of discipline.  It’s like they talked shit but they put in the work to back it up.  The ones below are just…dark.


Scar from Lion King


Sher Khan from the Jungle Book


Knuckles from Sonic


The Joker from Batman