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How to SUCK at Being an Imposter in Among Us

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Before we get started on how to SUCK at being an imposter, I want to get a few things out of the way.

  1. I’ve been playing Among Us for some time now, so this article comes with a lot of experience at sucking. When I get voted off as imposter, I can usually pinpoint a reason why. I want to share those reasons with you here.
  2. I started off playing in random rooms with no voice chats, and to me, it’s a way better experience to be able to talk to other players through voice chat or Zoom, so this article will be written from that perspective.

COOL. ? Let’s get right into the good stuff – how to SUCK at being a COT DAMN imposter!

Don’t Talk During The Meetings ?

Being too quiet makes you look sus – ESPECIALLY if people have been playing with you, and you’re not usually quiet when you play with said people. If you want to suck, stay quiet and sus. Maybe someone will be like me and randomly accuse you of being too quiet, which catches you off guard and makes you look even MORE sus.

Talk Too Much During the Meetings ?

You can definitely talk your way right out of a win, and this is VITAL if you want to be a trash imposter. Say anything! Keep talking over people and be overly defensive if someone accuses you. Assuming that what you’re saying is lies, players that are good at deductive reasoning will be able to put the pieces together and sniff you out as the imposter so fast it will make your COT DAMN head spin! If you REALLY wanna SUCK and take this to the next level, actually tell the truth.

Kill Too Fast ?

Patience is NOT a virtue if you wanna be a terrible imposter. If you’re killing in hurry, you’re bound to mess up and have someone stumble onto a body with your name on it! There are soooo many scenarios where you can get caught up if you kill quickly. The possibilities are truly endless. Now go out there and get found out!

Kill Too Slow? ?

Ehhh… if you wanna suck at being an imposter, killing too slow isn’t really the issue it’s made out to be – ESPECIALLY the more people you have.

The more people there are, the likelihood of all crewmates completing ALL of their assigned tasks becomes slim to none because….

  • Some crewmates forget about tasks.
  • A crewmate might be secretly salty because they either got sliced up or voted off and leave a task(s) undone on purpose. Example of that crewmate: “They voted me off for no reason. Screw them! I GOT TASKS LEFT BUT…I AINT DOIN SHIT!” ?
  • New players might not know how to complete harder tasks.

If you want to align with sucking as an imposter, and you want to kill slowly to support that worthy goal, then you must go HARD here. You must commit to killing at a snail’s pace or even not killing at all. That way there will be more than enough meetings for you to get found out or there will be more than enough time for the crewmates to complete tasks – even the salty ones.

There is a sweet spot as to how much you should talk and how fast or slow you should kill to win the game as an imposter. After playing a lot of games, you’ll start to be able to find those sweet spots and you’ll develop your own style. Avoid these sweet spots at all costs, because you don’t want win as an imposter. You’re here to FAIL!

Be Clueless About the Tasks and Room Locations ?

Tasks? Who cares! Maps smaps. You don’t need to know what specific tasks are on each map and where. Just wing it, and make sure to sound very unsure of yourself when you’re inevitably asked about it during a meeting. If you’re a good crewmate who actually does tasks, then the tasks should be fresh in your mind because JUST did them. If you DON’T remember the tasks then well…the first assumption will be that you don’t have any tasks because you’re the damn impasta! When you’re asked about your location when the meeting was called, clueless is definitely the way to go. ?

Don’t Use Sabotages ?

Sabotages? Who needs em? Why did the game even include them?

I mean sure…when there are three people left (you, the imposter and two crewmates) you could guarantee a win by just sabotaging and killing one person during the sabotage. Also, if people are hanging out in a group, sabotages could break up the group at least a little and get people moving around since it’s super difficult to kill while everyone is together. Keep this in mind though – those are reasons why you’d use sabotages to WIN as imposter. YOUR goal is to be as TRASH as you can be at this thing we call being an imposter.

Be Predictable ?

If you have certain signature moves or ways of killing, good players will surely pick up on them if they play with you enough. Are you the one that’s known to always turn off the lights and kill in Electrical? Then DAMNIT, turn off the DAMN lights and kill in Electrical! That way they’ll know it’s you. You can’t go wrong here.

Are you the one that’s always reporting dead bodies? That’s not sus at all! Just keep reporting them!

Anything you always do…just keep doing that and keep getting voted off the ship.

Randomly Start Blaming Other Players With No Evidence ??

I don’t need to say too much about this one, but it’s definitely one that will get you tossed up out of the ship quickly.

Start saying things like “Well, it could be *insert random player* because *insert bullshit reason*. Also, I think it could be *insert a different random player* because *insert different bullshit reason*”.

You’ll want to blame lots of people here and give super weak reasons why you think they’re sus. This will surely have people looking at you with the side eye. ?

Let the Good Players Stick Around ?️‍♂️

This one is usually the biggest reason I get caught. If you want to lose, do not, I repeat, DO NOT kill off the good players. Let them linger around as long as they possibly can.

Newer players and the experienced players that just suck as crewmates (that’s a whole nother article!) might not be able to pick up on what the other things listed above mean. They might not be able to pinpoint who’s behind a massive killing spree that happened in one round. They won’t know who’s telling lies about their tasks because they don’t know the tasks and/or the map layouts themselves. Good players can pick up on ALL that though.

Yup… don’t kill the good players early, and give the them a chance to put ALL the pieces of the puzzle together to solve the case. SPACED!

Final Thoughts

That’s all I got. Again, when I lose as imposter and when I see other people lose as imposter, it’s usually at least one of these reasons listed above if not a combination of them.

That being said, these aren’t all hard and fast rules. There is NOTHING for certain in the unpredictable game that is Among Us. That’s what makes this shit fun as hell.