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A Dream I Had This Morning

I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m suddenly in a plane (in the cockpit where the passengers are) flying pretty close to the ground. Below the train I get a glimpse of training soldiers.

I land and there’s a car with an Asian guy that looks blankly at the road ahead. I somehow feel like it’s called for me to get in. I get in and he gets excited and starts driving. Little did I know what he was driving me too.

I get in and it’s like a huge camp site with many sections divided off with part buildings and part plastic cubicle dividers. But there are some actual buildings too.

The guy just starts walking and I guess I just assume he’s giving me a tour (which turns out to be correct). First we pass the soldiers training, then we go the laundry room. In there, there are about 3 people plotting on how to put a bomb in the washing machine and blow the place up. We leave there and head to the lunch area.

It was outside on dirt set up like a prison. There were 3 benches that look like this.

I sit down with 2 two black guys who are older. They are having lunch and they share their lunch with me. They are on some spiritual vibes and they are talking to me about life and deep shit. I tell them there’s a guy in the laundry room about to set off a bomb, and they shrug it off. I’m thinking to myself “OK?!? where am I where people don’t care about a bomb going off”.

Another short stocky black guy comes up and demands the table share lunch with him, but nobody does. He says something along the lines of “If yall don’t give me some lunch now I’m going to get mean and have to take lunch from someone.” Nobody offers their lunch, so he takes it forcefully from another guy at another table.

Then everyone, including the short stocky guy, gets hella nervous and everybody leaves their lunch on the table and slowly starts walking away. I see 5 white guys approaching the area. Some people even put more food on the table as if to offer it to the 5 guys coming towards us.

The 5 white guys seem to have a very predatory look on them as if they’re trying to kidnap us and kill us or something, so we’re all on guard in fighting stance. Those 5 people each pick one person (they seem to favor the weak) and take them off never to be seen again, and everybody relaxes. I figure this goes on regularly.

I think to myself, “I gotta get da fuck outta here. Where is the office so I can get checked out. I’m not supposed to be here.”, so I make my way to the front (somehow I just know where the “front” is to check out).

There is a lot of security at the front. They say mother can’t get me out, and father COULD but he’s too far away. I have to leave within the next 10 minutes and he’s like an hour away. It seems like even if they were there, it was all bullshit. They would never let me just walk out with ANYONE. Too much security. I’m stuck.

Then a tall slender white woman shows up from my past and says “I’m here!” with a smile – as if to say “take me away!”. It’s an actual person I know in real life. It’s a woman I relate to as being one of the lightest personalities I’ve met. Everything is fun and a game to her – and she’s been through some serious shit. I wrap my arms around her waist and just walk out of the building and start giving her things to do. She walks out with me without saying a word and immediately starts doing what I say and is happy to see me. It feels so natural, easy and effortless. So amazing. It’s like when you’re at the top of a fun water slide. All you gotta do is get in, let go and slide down. It’s the best part of the dream by far, and I am beyond happy to see her.

I forgot what I told her to do, but I told her to do something while I call an Uber. I tell her to meet me at the top of an Austin Freeway entrance. I remember 1701 at the top. I walk up the freeway to the entrance (I don’t know why we couldn’t walk together lol I think it was me trying to do the most when there’s a simpler way to get where I want to go and a much more fun way). There I see a car conveyor belt (like the ones you see at car washes). My car has vomit all over it so I guess I’m at the car wash because they are charging me to clean it. They say we’ve got to take all the belongings out of the car and make sure there’s nothing strange in them. I object but they do it anyway. I’m escorted to another building that looks like a bank. I see them searching through all my belongings and they give them all back and notice they’ve stolen money out of my wallet so I start yelling “she stole my money!!!”, but then I see all the money in the back of the wallet. I didn’t look good enough and it was there the whole time. I slowly calm down and go to looking at the other things. Then the dreams ends.

My Interpretation of the dream

I’ve been feeling like I’m in hell in real life. And it feels like I’ve been trying to push my way out of hell with the masculine. It feels like there’s a simpler way to do this, without all the force. The highlight of the dream is when she shows up and says “I’m here”. What does she represent? Fun, beauty, lightness, flow, ease and effortless. I can only get so far by myself and forcing. If I let go and look for the simpler way, it might be as easy as going down a fun water slide. That would also make life and flow more sustainable.


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