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Loaded Lux Vs Hollow Da Don

I like battle rap.  Many people who also like battle rap say that the battle below is one of the best battles of all time, if not the best.  The battle actually starts at 12:24.  I actually watched a battle rapper revisit the third round and break it down.

The battle is one of the best because the battle rappers are two of the best. and so you get to see their skill level on full display.


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Ask For What You Want and Need

And keep asking!

I believe growing up and being told “no” eventually left me feeling defeated in asking – UNTIL I met a person who was the total opposite.  He asked and asked and asked for everything he wanted and needed.  Ultimately he usually got what he wanted and needed.  I couldn’t deny the results that I was seeing him have in most areas of life.

I could also see he had built up a skill with it too.  I saw he could recognize when a no was a real “no” and when it wasn’t.  He recognized when he squeeze a “yes” out of a “no”.  He would also spread his asking around.  If one person told him no, and he sensed it was a solid “no” then he’d move on and ask someone else.

I think sometimes we can have a tendency to not ask for what we want and need…and as a result we end up with pent-up, unmet desires and needs.

“Closed mouths don’t get feed” seems like an appropriate quote.



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You Can’t Hide

People can see the real you.  Even if you think you’re hiding, you’re in plain sight.  Your body language is telling the real story even if your words are incongruent with the story.  Your vibe is evident by your voice tonality.

I thought it was interesting in this video @ 18:18 where Robert Greene was talking about awareness through observation.

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Be Authentic

I see many people try to start things for me money.  I’ve started things and projects for the money.

But where you’ll the see the most engagement…

where you’ll put in the most effort…

where you’ll naturally be productive….

where life will be a flow vs a force…

Is where what you do aligns with who you are.

Be who you are and start things around that.

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Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter Review

I was waiting for this shit.  I had read The 50th Law, written by Robert Green and Curtis Jackson (50 cent) and my response was…I don’t want to hear more of Robert Greene – I need to hear more 50.  I also needed there to be an audiobook.

I went as far as recording the titles in intro’s to the 50th Law because 50 cent read those in the audiobook, and I needed to hear just those parts.  I wanted to exclude Robert Green’s parts because it was too much history.

I got my wish and more with this book.  There were so many gaps filled in.  I had heard about most of the incidents in the book, but through TV.  I never felt like I got 50’s side of the story.  AND it gave me insight into how he sees the world.

Things I didn’t know about Curtis Jackson and life:

  • He was fat when he was a kid
  • Africa changed his view on life
  • Having money is not all glamour
  • He is extremely transparent in this book
Ways To Get More in the Flow 150 150 admin

Ways To Get More in the Flow

  • Games
  • Vacations
  • Joking
  • Having fun with friends
  • Volunteering
  • Accomplishing and celebrating
  • Play

Try to involve someone else.  Do a service for someone else.  Involve people here.  Where there are people there is energy, and where there is energy there is flow.

Or don’t involve anyone and connect with the flow of life.  See what it wants from you and do it.

These two things aren’t mutually exclusive though.  It will be likely life wants you to do something for someone else and get out of your own world.

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Sometimes Accountability Isn’t What You Need

Sometimes if you’re feeling lazy and run down, the last thing you need is to pile more accountability on top of the problem.

I get it.  You had goals, intentions, commitments that just didn’t happen…and you can’t point to a really good reason why they didn’t happen other than your own laziness.  Consider this though…

If there’s too many goals, intentions, commitments, you just might be overwhelmed.  And being overwhelmed can lead to apathy if you don’t know strategies for dealing with it.  You might begin to burdened and/or trapped by these commitments.  Eventually you’re like…fuck this shit I’m out!


You might try and avoid the issues with addictions or distractions.  You don’t have to do this!

There’s also tendency to look for more accountability in this situation.  Maybe you enlist the help of a friend to “keep you accountable” ie and accountability buddy or you join a group to get group support.  Not saying that that wouldn’t work, it’s just a very common way of dealing with things and if it’s effective for you, do it!  But if you’re finding that you’re still not getting things done then try looking at it like a problem that can be fixed with the right tools.  Tools / Suggestions:

  • Get it up and out.  Get all these things you have to do on a list, in a journal, on a piece of paper – somewhere out of your head so it can be better sorted and broken down in smaller pieces
  • Break your commitments down to the smallest steps
  • Take the next right action after you break these things down
  • Delegate what you can.  Outsource.  Ask people around you for help with those steps.  Since you’ve broken these down, you’ll
  • If you’re feeling stuck, ask people who have done what you’ve done for tips / tricks on how to do it faster / easier / more efficiently.
  • Examine the goal / intention / commitment itself and see if it aligns with the real, authentic “you”.
  • Realize that you don’t have to do anything.  Take these phrases out of your vocabulary “I have to” “I need to” and replace them with “I’m choosing too”.
  • Take a break / Vacation / Have some fun – Get into another mode
  • Do some small or big act of service and to get out of your head


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Hold People Accountable

If people say they are going to do something, hold them accountable.  Don’t be scared.  They are the ones who committed to it.

If they backlash at you, it’s about them – not you.  That is their character flaw they must deal with.

Of course, know that if you do that, you will get the same treatment you give, but if you do what you say you’re going to do (integrity!) then you won’t have to worry about someone calling you out.

Sometimes you can overcommit, but the more you make commitments and keep them, the better discernment you develop for what you can realistically do.

One of the biggest benefits is respect for yourself.  Everyone isn’t willing to have the tough conversations, and you set yourself apart if you’re willing to have those tough conversations and even initiate them when it’s necessary.  You’ll feel better about yourself.  You’ll have the confidence to know you won’t tolerate repetitive broken commitments.

Also, it will nudge people to become more self aware.  Sometimes people will break a commitment and keep on going if no one stops them to acknowledge the situation.  Nobody stops them and they keep repeating the same behavior!  It might make them take a step back and set some smaller/easier commitments and work their way up, or it might push them to step it up and rise to meet their own commitments.  Either way you’ve stopped the momentum of broken commitments.