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Thoughts on My First Spanking Party

I’ve been to quite a few spanking parties. I love them. My first time attending one made a damn lasting impression. This was one of the smaller parties found through Fetlife. There are bigger ones like The Lone Star Spanking Party

Here are some things that I can still remember about it:

Is this real life?

I was absolutely floored that this even existed. It was like a dream land. I tried to play it cool, but I don’t think I could hide how in awe I was that this place was real. A lot of the fantasies and desires I tried to push down, hide, and suppress were in full, shameless expression here.

I remember having this overwhelming feeling like “This is exactly where I belong”.

Another social bet pays off

I had struggled trying to grasp the concept of passive income. It seemed like something pie-in-the-sky magical and unreal. Then, I went to a workshop and got into a closed room with several people who were making a full time income from passive income. It grounded the loftiness of it in my mind. Right then I got to action, and not too soon after that workshop I started making passive income consistently through passive sales on Amazon Kindle and Audible.

It tripped me out that the problem actually got solved socially, so I went to bet again on the social element in after struggling with being overweight pretty much my entire life. It ended up working the exact same way! I lost over 100 lbs being in that group and helping other people too. I loved it.

So this is why I attended a spanking party in the first place….and it paid off again! The same way! I had already made 2 bets socially that really payed off well and I know that would serve me for the rest of my life.

There were many people my age, but way more experienced in spanking

I met a lot of people that first night. The group was really welcoming to new comers. I met many people that were my age (32) but had been attending spanking parties and events and had spanking partners for over a decade. I saw that as such a good investment on their part that isn’t talked about as much. That time and experience investment will serve them for a lifetime.

I also noticed there was a clear difference between the experienced and the unexperienced. Some people left me cringing watching them and some left me super impressed at how skilled they were.

Other Random Things

  • The party sounded like a round of applause that went on for about 2 and a half hours
  • I met quite a few mentors there (and even more later at the bigger parties). Several people were willing to show you the ropes and even how to make a full time living being a professional disciplinarian.
  • All the parties I attend happen at hotels. We all try to keep things under the radar while at these hotels. I usually find someone who’s not privy to what’s going on trying to inquire and find out the secret. Someone…somewhere always tries to get the inside scoop. It’s too funny, because they ask inquisitive questions and are always met with vague, ambiguous answers if they didn’t already know about it through Fetlife.
  • I left that first night feeling fireworks in me. FIREWORKS. It lit me on fire. After attending more of these parties, I started working on sharing this social information through the format of a course called Social Expansion, which is now called Welcome Home

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