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 Life can truly be badass. I’m Broderick Durisseau, and I started to share my journey of creating an epic life.

About me

It wasn’t always this way. I moved through school depressed and overweight, just going through the motions. I didn’t think a bold, exciting life was possible.


But then I discovered the movie The Secret and started experimenting with making money without a traditional job. A switch flipped inside me – I became voraciously curious to discover my full potential.



How I can help you

Health Transformation – I had a slow, steady, but dramatic weight loss of over 100lbs ONLY through nutrition, followed by regaining the weight when I quit a 12-step program for food addiction.


"You can solve a problem with the same mind that created it" - Albert Einstein


Sometimes we can stay stuck because we keep looking at a problem a certain way.


When I viewed weight loss as a "I'm not disciplined enough to stick to my diet" problem or "I don't work hard enough to burn off these calories" problem, it kept me stuck. It was more of an educational, addiction, identity, and social problem.


I have a powerful story and experience to help others trying to lose weight sustainably. I can share with you what worked initially, what caused me to regain the weight, and lessons learned to help people avoid the same pitfalls.


Finding Hope and Meaning – I can motivate you if you’re struggling with depression, overwhelm or lack of purpose. I do not have ANY licenses in this area, but I have been through all of these myself.


You could say most of the work I’ve wanted to do is finding meaning and depth. I’m very curious as to what is the “why” behind things and love to commit to going down rabbit holes to find the truth.


If you’re suffering with something, or have a recurring problem, it can create great meaning for you toshare experiences with others. It can REALLY help them if you find solutions.


Relationships and Social Skills – Connecting and building relationships with more aligned people had a profound impact on my growth. I found so many insights that I’m writing a book on the subject. I can especially help men level up their social life, dating life, and connections.


Passive Income – I have made passive income and still do. At first, it seemed very pie-in-the-sky unrealistic until I looked at is as a social problem. Once I started meeting more and more people making 5-10k per month passively through creative endeavors, the whole idea became more grounded and I started making passive income and understand the mechanisms behind it.


Confidence and Self-Worth – Having gone through difficult periods myself, I can empathize and empower those working through self-esteem issues, shame, or limiting beliefs.


Mindfulness and Mental Health – I have an extensive self-help knowledge base, and I could share meditation, mindfulness, and other tools to reduce stress, anxiety and heal trauma.


Saving You Time


Time is one of the most valuable assets we have. I realized that by investing more in better answers, I saved lots of time and stress. Over the past 11 years since then, I’ve consumed over 150 personal development books, attended various workshops online and in-person, invested significant money and time in coaching and conducted relentless real-world experiments.


Slowly but surely, I’ve transformed my health, relationships, purpose and vision. While I’m always a work-in-progress, the wisdom gained has been invaluable and I want to pay it forward and save you time, see the blind spots and avoid the pitfalls.


Through ups, downs, mistakes and breakthroughs, I’ve mined deep insights into consistently thriving and turning challenges into triumphs. I want to help you where I can.



Where to Start?

You can start of with LensLift! LensLift is a tool encourages you to explore your challenges through various lenses, offering fresh, empowering perspectives. By understanding and reframing your challenges, you can unlock transformative insights. It’s not about quick fixes but about seeing with new clarity. Whether you’re a new visitor or a returning member of our community, LensLift can offer a quick win, helping you reshape your approach to life’s hurdles. Try LensLift now.


The blog would be the best place to start.  There’s almost 200 articles in the areas of health, wealth and relationships.   Also on Twitter I’m giving up-to-date information on artificial intelligence experiments.