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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. I used to play Halo a lot back in the day (also by Bungie), and it feels with Destiny 2 they took the best parts of Halo and expanded on them…at least that’s how it feels.

I was on a coaching call yesterday, and the coach invited someone else to share what they liked about a game they were into. He also invited them to see if they could incorporate the things they liked about the game into their real life. I thought that’d be an interested exercise for me to do about game I’m into – Destiny 2.

  • It Runs Decently on a Late 2013 iMac.
    • Destiny 2 runs decently on my old iMac. When I play it’s smooth, although I do have to put it at the lowest graphics setting and there are occasional crashes.
  • It’s Free!
    • Free is cool 🙂

Here’s some things I like that can possibly…in the future (and some now)…be experienced in real life.

  • There’s a lot of space and maps to explore
    • New maps were badass in Halo, so I’m glad they have a lot of space in the game to explore different places. I remember gettin amp’d up when a new map was gonna drop in Halo.
    • Why can’t I have more exploration in real life? I know there’s this thing called Covid-19 out there, but does that have to stop me dead in my tracks from exploring everything? No. “What can I explore safely?” is the question.
  • There are a lot of guns
    • They give you LOTS of guns to choose from (over 600) and you can carry and swap out hella guns anywhere at any time. Maybe I need to buy a gun in real life? I don’t have any yet.
  • You can call your vehicle, and there are multiple vehicles to drive
    • Having a badass vehicle is one thing. Walking around exploring territory and being able to call up for your vehicle instantly to ride around in? Yooo son. That’s crazy. Engineers, we gotta make this shit happen in real life. You know how wild that would be?
  • Teamwork is pretty badass
    • Most times I don’t play unless my friends play. If friends aren’t there, it’s still cool playing with real people either against other real people or bots.
    • There are lots of ways to incorporate teamwork in projects in real life that are wins across the board.
  • There is A LOT to the game because of the dedication to customization, and there are lots of instructions and directions
    • Because there is so much to the game, they equip you with lots of direction and instruction. They give you everything you need to have a rich and full experience in the game.
    • This got me thinking…when we were born it’s almost like we started a game here on Earth. Unless your parents were hella badass, you most likely DIDN’T get everything you needed to have a rich and full experience, but those resources are more easily available now because of the internet. You can get what you didn’t grow up having, and maybe even find more things you didn’t know you needed. With the project Welcome Home I’m working on, I want to help people connect with more elements to make their lives more badass.

Overall it’s been a great game and I’m liking it. Send me a friend request on Steam (Allenx05).

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How To Do Big Things In Life

There is a tendency to dismiss the small like it’s not important.  It’s easy to dismiss the small amount of money your savings account earns, or the workout you do today, or the book you read this week, or the blog post you write, or the little thing you did to help someone, or the memory you created today, or the fear you overcame today.

Once you dig deeper, you find these things all add up over time and they pay dividends.  Just for Today was long these same lines.  When I was learning how to eat from this food group, I was told over and over to take it one day at a time because it was so different that how I normally ate.

So far, the best book on habits I’ve read is Atomic Habits.  Great book to read if you feel like your life is out of control – because it could be likely a habit issue.  At the top of the cover of the book it says “Tiny changes, Remarkable Results”.

Tiny changes – that’s how habits work.  If they’re conscious, deliberately chosen to benefit you and executed, they end up paying BIG dividends.  Isn’t it counterintuitive that if you want to do big things, they come from the small habits you do day in and day out?

When I see Youtube channels grow or musicians sound better or athletes become more skilled or someone lose a lot of weight I look at their consistency and their habits.

What habit would you like to add or develop that would lead you to doing something you feel is big?  What habit would you like to drop?  What habit could you start today?

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The Scale Scared the Hell Outta Me

It was pretty shocking to me to look down at the scale (after not having seen it for probably a year) and see that I weighed 379 lbs…at 5’8.  WHAT IN ALL THE FUCK?

Coronavirus + living with mom has not treated me well at all.  It’s emergency time.  Honestly, it’s been emergency time.  Too much consumption of junk food.  I conveniently used the excuse of not having access to a kitchen.  Looking back that was not an acceptable excuse.  I would have told my past self back then “find access to a kitchen…BEFORE you start eating junk food”.

I moved the scale around the place I’m living at in disbelief…thinking to myself…”nah it can’t be this bad”.  It is.

I’ve lost lots of weight before, and I have access to a refrigerator and kitchen now, so there’s no excuses.

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The Last Dance is Badass

So…I have finished watching the 10-part series documenting the Chicago Bulls last season of their championship run, appropriately named The Last Dance.

This is such an incredible story with all the elements of a great drama.  There were ups, downs, victories, losses, skill building, betrayal.  I’m pretty sad it’s over.

The last emotion the documentary left me with was inspiration.  I feel so inspired to raise my level of mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the main attribute that led to the championship rings.  They had it, and it came from Jordan.  His mental toughness and dedication made them such a solid championship team.  There’s so much evidence of them just not being the same team without him.  He was their driver.  The person who pushed them when they didn’t want to be pushed and unlocked all these great gifts they didn’t know they had.

It was an honor to watch them in the 90’s even though they were stealin shine from my Houston Rockets.

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Royalty Free Music

I was a member of a coaching program that granted me free access to courses.  I liked the course intro audio, and when I asked about it I was recommended to visit Audiojungle.net.  So, I bought some royalty free music today from Audiojungle.net today – specifically Neo Soul.

Sounds great to me, and I want to see how I can mix this in with voice.  I’ll update it here.  I’m thinking GarageBand or Audacity to mix the two together and make cleaner audio.


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LinkedIn Learning Review

I’ve just completed two courses today through LinkedIn.  I’ve done Lynda (an online platform for learning by LinkedIn) before and here is a FAQ explaining the move to LinkedIn Learning.  Hopefully there is a way to connect my old Lynda account associated with my library to this one.

Could you imagine completing 100 courses? – especially on similar and related subjects.  Wouldn’t that be badass?  What would that do for you?  I completed two today in about 3 hours.

As far as reviews, the courses I took were Persuasive Selling and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence.  The course on Emotional Intelligence wasn’t as beneficial for me, probably because I’ve done lots of work on my emotions.  Meditation helps a lot with this.  The Power of Now and DVD commentary on The Secret are two resources that helped me with emotions.

The sales course had a lot more practical knowledge for me, and it was similar to training I’ve had.  I think if you’re new to sales then this is a great course for you.

I’m looking to complete a lot more courses and put some knowledge to good use.  What I want to do also is take a course on something I have no clue about…like databases or Python.

I really like that they make it official.  They give you an official certificate and allow you to add the completion of the course to your profile.

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Share It

Many things don’t count unless you share them.  That is, you won’t experience the maximum benefits if it isn’t shared with others.  If you lack the marketing or you don’t get the value in enough people’s hands you’ll be leaving a lot on the table.

Your skills and talents?  Share them.

Your thouhts and feelings?  Share them.

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Jazz Piano and Improvisation are Badass?

Music is definitely badass and piano specifically.  I’ve just signed up with a course on Jazz Piano and Improvisation.

The course is only available through preorder so I can’t tell you how badass it is yet.  I have a strong prediction it will be badass though.  I decided pretty much based off the Jesus Molina’s music instagram account.  Now that’s badass.  If I can learn to do what he does then …hell yeah the whole experience will be badass.

The program is geared towards intermediate and advanced piano players, and I’m excited.  As far as I understand, the lessons will be available on June 6th, 2020.  Let’s goooo!