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The Benefits of Free Time

In this article I’m going to share with you the benefits I’ve experienced through having lots and lots of free time. If there’s interest I can share the downsides too cuz uh…it hasn’t been all roses.

Backstory of Having Damn Near No Free Time

There was a period of time where I was working a job I hated then doing deliveries on the side and it felt like I was just spinning my wheels. My expenses = money I got from the job I hated + delivery money. I just kept hearing this message in my head that said “you’re wasting your time”.

Then, I went to a conference called Love Rising in Hollywood, CA led by Kyle Cease. A core message I got from that conference was to stop chasing money, and so that’s what I did. He published a book called The Illusion of Money not too long after this workshop.

I tried my best to do everything – especially creative work – from a heart-centered space. I really felt like I was fed up doing work and feeling like a damn slave. I quit my job right after getting out of that conference (because I was doing it just for the money), and life hasn’t been the same since. In many ways it has been amazing, and in many ways it has been horrific. I’m sharing the good stuff here now though.

Online learning

There is literally so much information on online that you can web surf through – especially with YouTube. I also like my local libraries online resources, and if your local library sucks then…I’m sure you can find a way to break some rules…Just don’t hold me responsible.

I tend to gravitate towards the practical information and online courses. People are taking their knowledge and putting it in online resources at a level that has never been seen before – especially with COVID. All i need is an internet connection and a device that can use that internet connection to show me stuffs. I just found another course I wanna take today from Scott Scorch (a little disappointed it’s only 2 hours long). It was a gateway to find the other courses on the platform though.

Finding Money to Play With

I’ve been able to “find” money through different ways. Lowering expenses dramatically helps with this a lot! No more car note draining my finances, and no more expensive rent. HAD I BEEN MORE PATIENT, last year would have been my first 6-figure year by way of crypto. 2020 was the first year ever I felt like I was able to play with money. And it was all because of downsizing, doing independent contract work as a gig worker when COVID hit, and binge watching videos on crypto.

Self Care

Sometimes I wonder how people deal with self care with a job. Meditation, hygiene, fitness, food prep/shopping, self care appointments i.e. doctors/dentists, vehicle care, living space care, fun/hobbies/creative outlets, assessments about all of the above, and learning about how to improve all of the above.

This about this – I’m a single guy, but what about if you’re in a household and have to take care of others? Many of these things can’t be outsourced or helped by a significant other. How do people adequately do self care when a job takes up such huge blocks of time. How do people fit all this in? I think the answer is many people don’t.

Doing Things At Different Times Than The Majority

In a populated city like Houston, Texas it feels so much better to do things when others don’t do them. I don’t have to sit in traffic during lunch time when everyone is one the road. I don’t have to deal with large crowds in stores because I can shop while everyone is at work.

No More Resentment For Things That Were Taking Up My Time

I don’t find myself saying “I don’t know enough time”. I could easily say that when I had a job, and it would make me resentful towards the job. I was spending a lot of those days working feeling resentment.

Lately, if I can deal with what others say and think about me and accept it and not be triggered by it, then I can experience that freedom. That is a part of the freedom. I might be called lazy or a bum, or not self sufficient (nobody’s really self-sufficient) in the short term, but over the long term things start to get really good. You don’t relate to money with this neediness and it can flow to you.

Depth and Quality Creatively

I put depth and quality together because depth has a lot to do with quality. I can’t get to the level of mental depth I could creatively as long as I was using so much mental ram on my job. This is the biggest benefit. It gives me room to breathe. I can step back and see the forest for the trees, and not always be stuck in the trees.

I don’t even think my brain could go into writing an article list this or many of the other articles I’ve written without sufficient space to let my mind wander into different rabbit holes. Eventually, the rabbit holes start to connect together in a way I can’t predict.

Nothing feels rushed now. Even if there is a deadline to things, I don’t feel the intense pressure I would feel going to jobs. I can take my time cooking up good shit. Good plans, good assessments, good articles, good presence with people, good quality overall.

When I would work at jobs, I very rarely got to see my own work. It was purchasing and data entry, so…it was gone as soon as I did it. I never got to see it or marvel at it or add to it or build on top of it. I’ve created a lot that I get to look back on these past years. It makes me waaaaaay more proud.

That’s it folks

That’s all I got. I’m thankful that I made it a priority to downsize and take my time investments away from chasing money and started to embrace and cherish the time I have on this earth. There is nothing like it.

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Be The Change You Want to See in the World

The title of this blog is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

I’ve heard and seen this quote before, but I’ve never written down the changes I want to see in the world.  For every change in the world, it’s a pointer to my own character changes.

Changes I want to see in the world:

  • I want to see people be freer.  According to The Guardian, 1 in every 200 people was a slave (that article was written in February 2019).   WTF?  Come on!
  • I also want to see people accept more of the freedoms they have already.
  • I want to see different infrastructures and cities built up instead of jumping on the ones that are already thriving.  Let’s build up more spaces so we have more options on where to live.
  • I want to see people who aren’t expressing themselves express themselves more uniquely.  This means creating and delivering your work.
  • I want to see the world being more congruent in their character publicly and privately.   Be who you are in private in public…along the lines of Keep the Same Energy.
  • I want to see the world eating healthier.
  • I want to see people aligning decisions of money and financial abundance with oneness.
  • I want to see people have more forgiveness for themselves and others.
  • I want more people focused on personal growth.
    • I want a world more really to try new things, take on new experiments, and make more mistakes (easier when you live in a more forgiving world)
  • I want to see the world value oneness more.
  • I want the world to raise awareness of their habits.  The small things they do over and over that add up over time.
  • I want to see more intelligent and transparent leadership.  I live in Texas so…there’s been such a lack of leadership and consistent terrible decisions at both the state and federal level.

I look at this list, and I look at pointers to my own character and where I need to grow.  Right now I’d say expression and making expression a habit is where I wanted to do the most work this year – (hence the work on this site!).  I also want to do more work building up other infrastructures.

There’s a lot of work to do, and I take full responsibility for making the necessary changes in my character to get it done.

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Play With Your Heart, Not Your Head

I was going to do a review on Jerry Maguire, but the clip below is one of the main messages I took away from it.

In the clip below Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a sports agent trying to get his client/NFL wide receiver, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.), the bigger, longer, contract Rod is looking for and all the “quan” that comes with it.  After lots of feeding Ron’s ego throughout the movie, he finally bluntly tells Rod the truth in this clip.  That truth is that off the field Ron plays with heart (friends/children/family/wife).  On the field is a different story.

What areas are you not playing with heart?  Is it career?  Is it your love life?  Do what you must do to play life full out because giving 100% is badass.

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My First Darshan Blessing

Two days ago I attended my first Darshan online with Swami Vishwananda.  I was invited by my friend as sort of a peek into his world and how he’s living (Shout out to Quinn!).

It started with about 5o0+ people on a Zoom call waiting on Swami Vishwananda to arrive.  We were encouraged to keep our cameras on because he wanted to look into our eyes.  The longer he took to arrive, the more annoyed I became because we had to wait so long.  When he arrived, I couldn’t be mad though.  Throughout the whole time he was there he emitted this indescribable love.  It’s hard to convey it through text here, but I noticed it was unshakable.  It was impossible to be mad because he was so damn loving.

When he did arrive, he took some time to look into all the eyes in the Zoom call.  He then did a meditation where he instructed us to see him with our third eye and hold an intention/blessing.  He said some messages on the subject of love, and then it was over.  We waited for him for about 30-40 min and the actual Darshan process took 10-15 minutes.

He actually had all the voices unmuted towards the end.  He laughed and smiled and seemed unbothered by all the chaos (imagine 500+ Zoom attendees all unmuted!).

I was feeling pretty isolated and alone, and that call got me right back into the flow again.  It was just a reminder that this world is a loving world and to get out of myself and my own problems.  I don’t think I’d be writing this now if I hadn’t of attending that meeting.  Thank you to Swami Vishwananda and all the attendees from all over the world.

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Overcome This and You’ll Be Free

If your fears stop you from taking a step that could be beneficial to you, then you are a slave to your fears.

You might have grown comfortable with your fears being with you.  They might stop you repeatedly, and you’re used to that pattern.  That’s conditioning.

Know that if you’re dealing with this, you can break this pattern at any time.  Continue stretch and expand by going into the unknown.

One thing I’ve noticed about going into that scared shitless place is that the first time is when you feel the most fear, then it gets less and less as you go on.

Your job is to face it so many times it dissolves into a mild tension.  Then you start getting used to feeling the fear and acting with it.  Playing with it and having fun instead of resisting it.

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Keep Going

Have there been any projects where…you dropped the ball and you didn’t pick it back up?  Only to wonder “what if?” years later.

What it you had finished that project you wanted to do?

There’s some projects I’m sure you’re glad you’re dropped, but do you have any projects that gnaw at you?  In your mind, they make you go into a reality where you didn’t drop the ball and you think about how different your life would be if you kept going with that one project?

Maybe you felt like you dropped the ball too early…and if you had just kept going, you would have eventually arrived where you were planning to be.  I know it’s hard to keep going when things don’t look so well, but think about the reference experience you’re creating.  You’ll remember how you handled things.  Did you quit when you didn’t see the numbers you wanted?  Did you quit when reality violated your expectations?  Release your grip on expectations and keep experimenting and striving to be a successful risk taker.

If it’s possible, you can also look to pick something back up if you feel like it’s gnawing at you.  You can frame this as just taking a long break.

Keep going.  Keep moving.  One of the most rewarding feelings is arriving at your planned destination (or one better) and knowing that you had to overcome your own doubts and fears to get there.

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What Do You Think About This?

This post is about ways people of authority can turn your volume down growing up as a kid.

If there are too many forces that turned the volume down on your voice, it can lead you to believe your thoughts and feelings aren’t important.  Maybe it’s an older sibling that abused you.  Or a parent that repeatedly told you to shut up.  Or getting bullied or excessively teased.  If this has happened to you, know that I, Broderick Durisseau, am sorry this was done to you, and I think you and your voice are important.

At one point, I felt my voice wasn’t important.  Nobody cared.  I moved in with a friend and he became someone I looked up to.  While I was living with him, he kept asking me “what do you think about this?”  and “what do you think about that?”.  It was weird because up until that point, I felt my opinion didn’t matter.  Nobody was asking me what I thought about anything.  But I came around to the fact that my opinion was valued by him, and started becoming valued by his social circle.  I then found many other people who valued my opinion.  The solution was connecting with the right people.  People more aligned with my own values.  Turns out, we shared the value of intelligence.  We both had a low tolerance for dumb, circular, pointless conversations that led nowhere or didn’t progress at all.  I’m glad to have met him, and he really changed the trajectory of my life.

Make an effort to look for those like-minded people.  People who are in greater alignment with your values.  And if you’re feeling like you’re not being heard, play with the belief that someone needs to hear your unique voice.  Someone needs to hear a message that only you were meant to give.  Play with the belief that you and your opinion matter.  People really want to know what you think, they just may not be the people in your immediate orbit or family or current social circle.  Strive for greater alignment in the people you interact with from day to day.

When you find those right people, they will do the opposite of turning your volume down.  They will encourage you to turn the volume of your character up and express the deepest, most unique parts of you.  It helps you, it helps them, and ultimately helps us all.


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The Way Of Men Book Review

I liked this book.  It would go under blunt and direct books, and I’m sure there would be some controversy over it.

I thought the 4 Tactical Virtues of Strength, Courage, Mastery, Honor was insightful, and it was hard to argue against them.  I respect the fact the emphasizes the difference between being a good man and being good at being a man.

I think the best part about this book is he emphasizes the fact that we live in a society dominated by pleasure.  It’s too plentiful and while that’s good, it’s also has the potential to make men weaker.  Too much of anything isn’t good. Too much comfort and pleasure and it leads to men being soft.  The book was a wakeup call to stay strong.