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Lessons from Meditation / Visualization

I’ve been doing almost a month of meditation/visualization combined. I’ve done this work before, but my visions were much smaller. Here are some things I’ve noticed usually after 30 days.

  • Life moves faster, and so it’s important to remain grounded amongst the chaos.
  • Relevant, specific, synchronistic information flies in fast. I’ve seen it come in through many directions – Youtube videos, conversations, coaching calls, a note on the ground, the first thing that plays on the radio when you turn it on (these have all happened to me). Pay attention to even the littlest things so you don’t miss out.
  • Welcome the discomfort, doubts, anxiety, confusion, frustration. New things will come. Welcome all that shows up, and don’t resist it. It will make the process flow a lot smoother. Eventually, you will get to a point where you can be ok with the beautiful range of emotions and dynamics life has to offer.
  • You begin to feel like you’re actually in your visions, so when you come out of your visualization session – you have a heightened awareness of yourself, others and reality. You’re more aware of the specific times doubts and fears are causing your own hesitation and avoidance. You’re more aware of your emotions and what’s causing them. You’re more aware of how your eating is affecting your mood/emotions (hopefully!). You’re more aware of when your emotions change. You’re more aware of what’s around you. You’re aware of the small decisions you’re making to either bring aligned things in. You’re more aware of the energy it’s draining to tolerate misalignments.
  • Even if you’ve been aware of all of the above, misalignments start to irritate you more than usual…a lot more. It becomes mandatory to create and enforce boundaries to that which is misaligned. You can feel it.
  • Trust and believe there will be a process that will show up. You might not even realize it’s a process until after you’ve gone through it. You have to trust and be willing to go step by step.
  • If you dare to dream big here, be aware of validation seeking – where you’re trying to prove to other people your vision can be real. Less defense, more surrender. Share your vision with someone who is aligned with it and could support it and make it happen…or at least move you to the next step. I find it best to share it with someone who’s already been down the exact (or very similar) path and come out the other side. They’ll do a much better job of showing you how that looks on earth for real and grounding what feels like a big dream in the sky. I’ve also seen sharing it with a supportive audience work too. They can point you to the person (or group of people) that have been through the process.
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My First Darshan Blessing

Two days ago I attended my first Darshan online with Swami Vishwananda.  I was invited by my friend as sort of a peek into his world and how he’s living (Shout out to Quinn!).

It started with about 5o0+ people on a Zoom call waiting on Swami Vishwananda to arrive.  We were encouraged to keep our cameras on because he wanted to look into our eyes.  The longer he took to arrive, the more annoyed I became because we had to wait so long.  When he arrived, I couldn’t be mad though.  Throughout the whole time he was there he emitted this indescribable love.  It’s hard to convey it through text here, but I noticed it was unshakable.  It was impossible to be mad because he was so damn loving.

When he did arrive, he took some time to look into all the eyes in the Zoom call.  He then did a meditation where he instructed us to see him with our third eye and hold an intention/blessing.  He said some messages on the subject of love, and then it was over.  We waited for him for about 30-40 min and the actual Darshan process took 10-15 minutes.

He actually had all the voices unmuted towards the end.  He laughed and smiled and seemed unbothered by all the chaos (imagine 500+ Zoom attendees all unmuted!).

I was feeling pretty isolated and alone, and that call got me right back into the flow again.  It was just a reminder that this world is a loving world and to get out of myself and my own problems.  I don’t think I’d be writing this now if I hadn’t of attending that meeting.  Thank you to Swami Vishwananda and all the attendees from all over the world.

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Creating Your Own Positive World

If at some point you feel like you want to upgrade your social circle, you’re free to do that at any time.  You have so many options here.

Read or listen to some biographies of people you admire.  There’s many ways to do it too.  Many local libraries let you listen to audiobooks for free when sign up with Hoopla or RBDigital or Overdrive or Libby, etc.  You can sign up with an Audible subscription too.  Listen to some musicians you’re in to.

During this time of social distancing, it would be a great time to upgrade your skills and take in some new information.

At any point you can choose your energies you have around you.  If you feel like you can’t physically get the people you want in your social circle in there, then you can always listen to them.  You can listen to their books, or audio, or immerse yourself in their courses or videos.

Do not be a helpless victim.  You get to chose.  What would 10 hours of listening to positive audio or music do for you?  You have the power to choose who you want to listen to and what you want to get done.  If you love your results, keep listening to who you’re listening to in that area, but if you aren’t liking the results you’re getting in an area, try switching up who you’re listening to.

Time is going to pass by, and you don’t want the bitter taste of not having taken advantage of it.  Let all these positive resources you have available lift you up to a higher vibration if you need it.

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Locking On To A Vibe

Has there ever been a time where you experienced an unforgettable moment?  Where you remember the energy being amazing?  Maybe you…

  • hung out with a group of people who inspire you or
  • went to an event or
  • had a celebration or
  • went to a workshop or
  • traveled somewhere or
  • a performed in some way or
  • had an “aha” moment where life changed

Know that at any point, you can recreate that feeling.  Your outside circumstances don’t have to be in those particular ways for you to feel those feelings.  You can recreate that vibe within you now.  Close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment.   The more you can recreate that vibe here and now, the more your circumstances or life situation must change to match that feeling…that vibe.  Play with it.

I know when I have one of those moments, it’s a real breakthrough because I can lock it in, so if I ever fall way out of alignment I can hone in on that vibe again.  Personally, I’m working on locking those feelings in daily, so much so that it becomes normal to have them and experience them, and they aren’t so out-of-the-ordinary.