Giving 100 Percent Effort is Badass

When someone says they want something, and you see them giving their all out effort to get it, don’t you just want them to have it?

When I see someone give their all to have something (and usually it’s a big something if it demands all their effort), and I see them get it, I just shrug my shoulders and say…”hey they deserve it!” – Especially if I’ve personally seen them fight, work, persist and overcome their own doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and other obstacles to have what they want.

On the other hand, have you seen someone do the opposite? They say they want something worth having, but you don’t see them putting in the work required. And after a while, you realize it’s just hot air…it’s just talk. Because talk is easy.

That ain’t badass man. It’s in a man’s nature to get shit done, and you can’t get important, high-value shit done without a hell of an effort.