Keep The Same Energy Online As You Do Offline

Are you authentic with your feedback and criticism?  Is authenticity across-the-board something you value? Do you communicate with people online like you do offline?

The internet can be dark…why?  Because communication doesn’t have to be tied in with your identity.  The words you say don’t have to be tied in with your physical body, your government name, etc.  People have “burner” accounts and different fake accounts where they can talk with reckless abandon and suffer no consequences.

Xbox Live comes to mind for me.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been called the “n-word” just from speaking on a game like Halo.  When me and friends would play multiplayer games and that happened, we would just laugh at how cowardly it was.  I’d say to myself “would they say this to me in real life?” – Hell nah.

I see meme’s people create from famous people’s pictures…I will laugh, but it also makes me cringe at the person doing it.  Would you use that person’s image and profile if you knew them personally…in real life?  Probably not.

If character qualities such as authenticity and integrity are important, then it’s also important to keep the same energy online as you do offline.

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