The Different Parts of You and A New Family

I did a genealogy test a while back. Turns out I’m 70% West African and 27% European and 3% other stuff.

I wonder what It would be like to connect with those parts…to go back to Africa…to go back to Britain, France and Germany. Having done a lot of work socially, I can see how visiting a place like Nigeria could enhance some meaning in my life.

Have you learned your genetic history? Have you matched it up with meetings and stories with your family? This could provide you with some meaning to your history. It might allow you to see the direction and momentum your family was going in.

The Different Parts of You

What are your struggles? What breaks your heart? What inspires you? What do you admire? Any fetishes? Any long time interests or hobbies? All of the above offer opportunities to connect with people. These parts of you don’t have to be yours in isolation. It’s very likely that what breaks your heart breaks many other’s hearts. What inspires you inspires many more. Your struggles have been other people’s struggles.

I don’t think there are many people who have…

1. owned the different parts of themselves…

2. proactively looked to connect with other people who have those same parts.

Following Intuition Socially

There is a part of me that has explored a lot of ways of making money and a part of me that really dove deep into making money online. I saw the path that college and having a 9-5 was going to do to me as a person and I didn’t like it, so I wanted to take care of income and learning different ways to earn money. I started buying courses, attending workshops and events in different cities. Just by following that desire proactively I connected with people who were trying to figure it out to AND to those who had figured it out.

There is a part of me that has had severe weight issues and a dysfunctional relationship with food. Since connecting with people who were making passive income worked so well for me, I thought I could do the same thing with food. Damnit it worked! I lost hella weight, and more importantly I learned so much about myself, my habits, and how to help others.

Following intuition in those instances worked so well for me that I said…hey…maybe it would work with this spanking fetish I’ve been trying to hold down and keep under wraps. I really liked spanking, but didn’t connect with anybody on it except online. I started going to spanking parties and boom – fireworks.

After going down these different rabbit holes, you start to develop many deep relationships because you are accessing and sharing deep parts of yourself. People can experience and connect with the depth in your character. This all made me feel a lot more welcomed on the earth. Everyone should at least experience this right? It’s kinda messed up to tell everyone how they should feel, but who would object to feeling welcomed?

Proactively look for the different parts of you in others and connect with them. In a world of billions of people and the internet to connect the majority of them, you have so many options here to upgrade your experience socially.

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