NBA Players Protest

For about a month, I’ve been watching the NBA players play their games inside what’s called the bubble located in Orlando, Florida to deal with Coronavirus.  The NBA administers lots of testing and has strict guidelines on who can enter and exit this “bubble”.

I was prepared to watch a couple of basketball games today on TNT, but those games have been postponed because the players have decided not to play today as a stand and protest to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

I am proud of these players, and I will be even more proud if they continue to take a stand by not playing.  There are bigger things than basketball, and I know that many players, like myself, are frustrated after seeing police use obvious extreme and excessive force over and over again to kill black people who clearly don’t deserve to die.  Enough is enough, and it has been enough for a long time.

It has me questioning watching the NBA.  When I watch it, I help the ratings which helps the team owners who have political power purely from a monetary perspective. Team owners have political pull just by the sheer amount of money they have to influence elections and government officials through lobbying.


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