How to Have a Better Relationship With Money

How do you relate to money?

If you don’t naturally have a great relationship with money and you haven’t consciously worked on having a better relationship with money, it’s likely you’ll have a default, comfort zone relationship with money.

To examine your relationship with money, write a letter to it now.  “Dear money,….”  That will tell you.  (I picked this exercise up from You are a Badass at Making Money)

You might start it off with one of these:

  • “Dear money,  I never have enough of you.  You’re always moving to other people.”
  • “Dear money, you always slip through my fingers.”
  • “Dear money, I wish I didn’t have to ask my parents to give you to me.”
  • “Dear money, how do I earn more of you?”
  • “Dear money, why are you always on my mind?”
  • “Dear money, why don’t you stick around?  Do I have bad breath?”

If you wrote a letter, what would you want the letter to say?


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