How To Do Big Things In Life

There is a tendency to dismiss the small like it’s not important.  It’s easy to dismiss the small amount of money your savings account earns, or the workout you do today, or the book you read this week, or the blog post you write, or the little thing you did to help someone, or the memory you created today, or the fear you overcame today.

Once you dig deeper, you find these things all add up over time and they pay dividends.  Just for Today was long these same lines.  When I was learning how to eat from this food group, I was told over and over to take it one day at a time because it was so different that how I normally ate.

So far, the best book on habits I’ve read is Atomic Habits.  Great book to read if you feel like your life is out of control – because it could be likely a habit issue.  At the top of the cover of the book it says “Tiny changes, Remarkable Results”.

Tiny changes – that’s how habits work.  If they’re conscious, deliberately chosen to benefit you and executed, they end up paying BIG dividends.  Isn’t it counterintuitive that if you want to do big things, they come from the small habits you do day in and day out?

When I see Youtube channels grow or musicians sound better or athletes become more skilled or someone lose a lot of weight I look at their consistency and their habits.

What habit would you like to add or develop that would lead you to doing something you feel is big?  What habit would you like to drop?  What habit could you start today?

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