The Scale Scared the Hell Outta Me

It was pretty shocking to me to look down at the scale (after not having seen it for probably a year) and see that I weighed 379 lbs…at 5’8.  WHAT IN ALL THE FUCK?

Coronavirus + living with mom has not treated me well at all.  It’s emergency time.  Honestly, it’s been emergency time.  Too much consumption of junk food.  I conveniently used the excuse of not having access to a kitchen.  Looking back that was not an acceptable excuse.  I would have told my past self back then “find access to a kitchen…BEFORE you start eating junk food”.

I moved the scale around the place I’m living at in disbelief…thinking to myself…”nah it can’t be this bad”.  It is.

I’ve lost lots of weight before, and I have access to a refrigerator and kitchen now, so there’s no excuses.

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