My First Darshan Blessing

Two days ago I attended my first Darshan online with Swami Vishwananda.  I was invited by my friend as sort of a peek into his world and how he’s living (Shout out to Quinn!).

It started with about 5o0+ people on a Zoom call waiting on Swami Vishwananda to arrive.  We were encouraged to keep our cameras on because he wanted to look into our eyes.  The longer he took to arrive, the more annoyed I became because we had to wait so long.  When he arrived, I couldn’t be mad though.  Throughout the whole time he was there he emitted this indescribable love.  It’s hard to convey it through text here, but I noticed it was unshakable.  It was impossible to be mad because he was so damn loving.

When he did arrive, he took some time to look into all the eyes in the Zoom call.  He then did a meditation where he instructed us to see him with our third eye and hold an intention/blessing.  He said some messages on the subject of love, and then it was over.  We waited for him for about 30-40 min and the actual Darshan process took 10-15 minutes.

He actually had all the voices unmuted towards the end.  He laughed and smiled and seemed unbothered by all the chaos (imagine 500+ Zoom attendees all unmuted!).

I was feeling pretty isolated and alone, and that call got me right back into the flow again.  It was just a reminder that this world is a loving world and to get out of myself and my own problems.  I don’t think I’d be writing this now if I hadn’t of attending that meeting.  Thank you to Swami Vishwananda and all the attendees from all over the world.

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