Get The Specific Help You Need

Think about what you lacked growing up.

Was there structure in your house growing up?  Was it too structured?  Did you lack spontaneity and fun?  Were you missing a father figure or a mother?  Did you have brothers and/or sisters?  Did you grow up alone?  Were you parents physically and emotionally available?  Was there addiction?

For everything you lacked, consider the possibility that those voids can be filled.

I joined the coaching program Conscious Growth Club a little over 3 years ago. One of the biggest benefits was learning how to plan quarters.  I grew up without goal setting or structure in certain areas.  If I see I’m going off of my plans, I can quickly readjust, look at my quarterly plans and get back focused and reevaluate weekly and replan each quarter.

Maybe you aren’t even aware of what you lacked or where there was a void.  That’s OK.  The more you can embrace the new and step into the unknown, the more of these unexpected gifts you’ll find the world has to offer.


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