The Last Dance is Badass

So…I have finished watching the 10-part series documenting the Chicago Bulls last season of their championship run, appropriately named The Last Dance.

This is such an incredible story with all the elements of a great drama.  There were ups, downs, victories, losses, skill building, betrayal.  I’m pretty sad it’s over.

The last emotion the documentary left me with was inspiration.  I feel so inspired to raise my level of mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the main attribute that led to the championship rings.  They had it, and it came from Jordan.  His mental toughness and dedication made them such a solid championship team.  There’s so much evidence of them just not being the same team without him.  He was their driver.  The person who pushed them when they didn’t want to be pushed and unlocked all these great gifts they didn’t know they had.

It was an honor to watch them in the 90’s even though they were stealin shine from my Houston Rockets.

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