LinkedIn Learning Review

I’ve just completed two courses today through LinkedIn.  I’ve done Lynda (an online platform for learning by LinkedIn) before and here is a FAQ explaining the move to LinkedIn Learning.  Hopefully there is a way to connect my old Lynda account associated with my library to this one.

Could you imagine completing 100 courses? – especially on similar and related subjects.  Wouldn’t that be badass?  What would that do for you?  I completed two today in about 3 hours.

As far as reviews, the courses I took were Persuasive Selling and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence.  The course on Emotional Intelligence wasn’t as beneficial for me, probably because I’ve done lots of work on my emotions.  Meditation helps a lot with this.  The Power of Now and DVD commentary on The Secret are two resources that helped me with emotions.

The sales course had a lot more practical knowledge for me, and it was similar to training I’ve had.  I think if you’re new to sales then this is a great course for you.

I’m looking to complete a lot more courses and put some knowledge to good use.  What I want to do also is take a course on something I have no clue about…like databases or Python.

I really like that they make it official.  They give you an official certificate and allow you to add the completion of the course to your profile.


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