Deep Thinking Without A Job

One of the things that surprised me the most about not having a 9-5 office job is the creativity and depth of thought I can have in other areas.

Originally, my thinking was “hey…I’ll conserve some brain power by taking some bullshit job that doesn’t require much thought, and then I’ll work on my project(s) on the side”.  I tried that, but that line of thinking (along with some processed junk food) left my mind pretty dull at the end of the day.

What I didn’t realize is, that no matter what task I’m doing for 8 hours a day – 40 hours a week – it’s going to take up a lot of mental space.  I underestimated how much mental space my job activities take up.  It’s going to be on my mind when I’m sleeping.  Finishing a task is going to be on my mind in the commute to work (which people usually don’t count as the 40 hours).  It’s on my mind when I leave.  It’s on my mind before I take the drive to work.

That mental space can be used so much more productively than on boring, repetitive tasks.  I created a whole course as soon as I quit my job.



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