Ask For What You Want and Need

And keep asking!

I believe growing up and being told “no” eventually left me feeling defeated in asking – UNTIL I met a person who was the total opposite.  He asked and asked and asked for everything he wanted and needed.  Ultimately he usually got what he wanted and needed.  I couldn’t deny the results that I was seeing him have in most areas of life.

I could also see he had built up a skill with it too.  I saw he could recognize when a no was a real “no” and when it wasn’t.  He recognized when he squeeze a “yes” out of a “no”.  He would also spread his asking around.  If one person told him no, and he sensed it was a solid “no” then he’d move on and ask someone else.

I think sometimes we can have a tendency to not ask for what we want and need…and as a result we end up with pent-up, unmet desires and needs.

“Closed mouths don’t get feed” seems like an appropriate quote.



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