Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter Review

I was waiting for this shit.  I had read The 50th Law, written by Robert Green and Curtis Jackson (50 cent) and my response was…I don’t want to hear more of Robert Greene – I need to hear more 50.  I also needed there to be an audiobook.

I went as far as recording the titles in intro’s to the 50th Law because 50 cent read those in the audiobook, and I needed to hear just those parts.  I wanted to exclude Robert Green’s parts because it was too much history.

I got my wish and more with this book.  There were so many gaps filled in.  I had heard about most of the incidents in the book, but through TV.  I never felt like I got 50’s side of the story.  AND it gave me insight into how he sees the world.

Things I didn’t know about Curtis Jackson and life:

  • He was fat when he was a kid
  • Africa changed his view on life
  • Having money is not all glamour
  • He is extremely transparent in this book

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