One of the Biggest Benefits To Consciously Creating Your Social Circle

One word – possibility.

Right now…there is something you don’t think is possible that someone else is very comfortable with.  It is a result you want that someone else thinks is very easy.  If you long for a relationship, there are literally men who have many relationships with many women and women who have relationships with many men.

If you struggle with money and earning it, there are people who think making $100,000 in a week is easy.

If you’re struggling socially, there are people who naturally attract people and they actual have a hard time being alone.

This contrast can really help if you don’t repel it.  If you invite that contrast in and ask it for help, then you might find it’s willing to help you.  You’ll also find it challenges you.  Things you do repetitively are conditioned, so you must condition new habits and new ways of thinking to match their results.

One of the best ways to do this is through immersion.  Find a way to immerse yourself in the solution.  It’s easier to condition new habits and new ways of thinking when they’re right in your face day after day.

Just a side note, take into account ‘the natural’ if you’re struggling in an area.  As in, a person who’s naturally a people person, or who just grew up making lots of money or a person who naturally has the results you want.  If you try to learn from them, many times they’ll leave things out when explaining how they do things.  The best people to learn from are people that have overcome a problem you’ve had.  They’ll relate to your point of view and be able to tell you the steps they took on how to get from your point of view and your results to their point of view and their results.  The natural never had your original point of view or anything like it.

You’ll know you’re there when what you thought was impossible doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal anymore.


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