Running Your Own Experiments

Many times you’ll get data or advice that conflicts.  Is this food healthy to eat?  Should I be doing this exercise?  What should I do with my money?

While it can definitely help to learn from others mistakes and listen to advice from others, understand that in many circumstances you aren’t that person.  There are loads of other things that come into play.  That’s why it’s helpful to run your own experiments.

I can remember doing this with juicing and juice feasting.  I watched many videos on it, and eventually I decided to find a juicer and start juicing myself.  Then I went on a 30 day trial.  To this day, I haven’t found better than when I was juice feasting.  I know I can’t do it forever, but it felt amazing and I had tons of energy and all joint pain disappeared.  I would later find out why those things happened.  I had lots of energy because all the energy that was normally used for digestion was used for other functions in my body including working to dissipate the inflammation in my joints.  So now, no one can tell me juice feasting is bad for me.  I’ve tried it and it was amazing.

Sometimes it irks me to talk to people who I can clearly tell are talking out of their ass.  They’ve not done any research…not run any experiments…just want to hear themselves talk and sound smart.

Don’t be that person.  Have something….SOMETHING to back up what you’re saying.  Your own experiments are powerful.  They make it hard for people talking out of their ass to come in and poke holes in your real-world experiments.


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