How to Recycle Plastic Water Bottles

I’ve been wanting to get into recycling, so I did today.  I found some great tips here with step by step instructions on how to to it.





I have lots of Dasani water bottles like this









And I took about 70+ or so bottles and made them look like this per the instructions linked above.  In that article it said to remove the plastic film around it, make sure the bottle is smashed to decrease the amount of space it takes up and leave the cap on.  No need to rinse it out.








So I ended up with this







I called our local H-E-B and they have a recycle bin out front, so I put them in there (not the bag).  I have more bottles and plan to do the same thing.

It was a small gesture, but imagine if this could create ripples and inspire others to be less wasteful.  Imagine how much waste I’ll save if I can keep this habit up for decades and inspire others to keep this up for decades.  Every little bit counts.  I sat back and thought that my wastefulness has an effect on the environment.  Even a minuscule negative effect multiplied by millions and/or billions over time can be devastating.  Likewise a minuscule positive effect multiplied by millions and/or billions can have an overwhelmingly positive result.

I felt that if I can do my part…why not?


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