Nightcrawler (Movie) Review

I watched the movie Nightcrawler today, and I do have a confession – throughout the first part of the movie I was waiting on the main character Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhall) to morph into the fictional superhero Nightcrawler associated with X-men.  So….this didn’t happen, but the movie was 🔥.  What a movie!  Rented it through Amazon Prime and watched it on the Amazon Firestick.  I also learned about the profession of night crawling.   It’s an actual thing.

Very dark, but with a great story line and Jake Gyllenhall really did a fantastic job acting.  Very crisp and direct.  This is my first movie review on here because frankly, I don’t watch too many movies.   I actually have “watch 5 movies” as a goal on my quarterly plans.

This was a movie for those who place a high value on intelligence.  There’s quite a few Louis Bloom moments that make you go “damn!”.


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