My Top 5 Musicians

In no particular order

-Michael Jackson
-Stevie Wonder
-John Mayer
-R. Kelly

Honorable Mentions:
John Legend
Brian McKnight

A couple of notes about this.

  • Drake just made this list for me. I was searching my phone for who really was in that 5th place spot, and I noticed I have a lot of Drake.  He just jumped out at me
  • I realize this is a pianist-heavy list. 🎹  I know.

I can remember being mesmerized watching Michael Jackson’s concerts.  People were consistently being taken away in hospital carriers while at the concerts.  The energy was too much?  I remember  learning Stevie Wonder’s songs and how it made people feel when I played them.  Stevie Wonder made sunglasses cool for me, and he has so many love songs.  I can play his songs and feel that love and it always feels good – especially during times where I felt like I needed love.

John Mayer might be the most recent musician I’ve been into, but…his collection is incredible.  Continuum?  The Search for Everything?


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