Stretching Financially to Make Bigger Purchases

About 3 years ago and a half years ago, I really stretched myself and made a purchase to attend a workshop. The workshop itself was $500 and I had to pay travel expenses. Right After that I invested in a ebook publishing course and ultimately spent $2400 on a group coaching program.

These were all stretches for me. I started off with a $10/hr job and really wasn’t saving money, so I had to figure out a way to pay for these things that I wanted to attend.

The biggest factor was where I started looking. While I was at my $10/hr job I started looking for $15-20/hr jobs. I knew I was going in a circle as long as I stayed in the $10/hr jobs. This meant I stopped looking for 1$0/hr jobs and when they came my way, I declined. There is a super abundance of $10/hr jobs, which is why it was hard for me to take them seriously. If I got fired, then I could find another one the next day because there are so many available. Hella companies want cheap labor.

I realized that these purchases were just bigger in my mind. As soon as I started hanging with people who made way more than I did, they got me thinking bigger. Now you bring in some contrast! And if you can surrender and allow that contrast and disharmony within you to resolve itself, you find that you end up with a new perspective…a new lens to look through where these purchases you thought were “big” no longer seem like that much of a challenge.


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