Endless Creativity

There’s always something to express!  And something meaningful and valuable too.  One thing I see time and time again is people not being aware of all the options there are to create.

I see lots of me-too articles or videos.  A celebrity moves their left pinky and there’s 1000 blogs on it that go something like “*insert celebrity* decided to move their left pinky today and it has set the internet on fire!  I think *insert their opinion here on said celebrity moving their left pinky*”.

Real Creativity

On the other hand, you blog or vlog about….

  • an experiment or a trial
  • a group challenge
  • a book review or movie reviews
  • a product review
  • lessons from your past, present, and/or future
  • learning from some other source

You can document your journey doing *insert journey you plan to take*.   You can teach.  You can cover music.  If you have multiple skills you can see where those skills interact.  You can create with other people too!

Even talking about your culture and how you grew up could be valuable.  I’m sure other people across the earth who might have grown up totally differently would find it immensely valuable.  Think about what would be valuable to others.  If you’re not sure how to do this, brainstorm with people who create value for others.

The important thing is that you connect it with someone else who will find it valuable.  That’s how you create flow…by putting those creations out there.  There more you do that, the more the universe will reward you with more to create.  All you have to do is put in the work of upgrading your skills and take the time to let things flow through you.  I find that the more I write, the more things come up to write about.


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