The Answer You Need Can Come From Anywhere

When you ask for something, don’t be attached to how the answer shows up.  It might be in the form of a person you meet.  A stranger.  Something you read online.  A dream.  A synchronicity or coincidence.

It can literally come from anywhere.  After a while of the exact answers you need showing up in odd places, it makes you less and less attached to how the answers will show up, and enhances your trust that the answers WILL show up.

Stay alert.  I’ve seen answers on pieces of paper on the ground.  I’ve heard an answer I needed as the first thing when I turned on the radio.  I’ve heard an answer I needed on a podcast.  I just heard and answer I needed and wrote a blog about it here.  I’ve ran into answers I needed many times, so I know the feeling.  It’s like a …getting-hit-with-a-ton-of-bricks feeling.  You’ll know.

It always comes from stepping into the unknown or the new.  That’s when the magic happens.  You get back in the flow of life and in flows the answers you need at that time.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

I don’t know who said that, but it’s true as shit 🙂

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