Creating Your Own Positive World

If at some point you feel like you want to upgrade your social circle, you’re free to do that at any time.  You have so many options here.

Read or listen to some biographies of people you admire.  There’s many ways to do it too.  Many local libraries let you listen to audiobooks for free when sign up with Hoopla or RBDigital or Overdrive or Libby, etc.  You can sign up with an Audible subscription too.  Listen to some musicians you’re in to.

During this time of social distancing, it would be a great time to upgrade your skills and take in some new information.

At any point you can choose your energies you have around you.  If you feel like you can’t physically get the people you want in your social circle in there, then you can always listen to them.  You can listen to their books, or audio, or immerse yourself in their courses or videos.

Do not be a helpless victim.  You get to chose.  What would 10 hours of listening to positive audio or music do for you?  You have the power to choose who you want to listen to and what you want to get done.  If you love your results, keep listening to who you’re listening to in that area, but if you aren’t liking the results you’re getting in an area, try switching up who you’re listening to.

Time is going to pass by, and you don’t want the bitter taste of not having taken advantage of it.  Let all these positive resources you have available lift you up to a higher vibration if you need it.

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