Ideas From Start To Finish

The first step to an idea is defining a problem.  Sometimes this happens so fast you don’t even think about it.

Once you define the problem, you can then ask: “what if?”.  I’ll give you a simple example.  (Warning: this explanation is going to be heavily basketball related.  I know many readers don’t watch basketball so feel free to skip this basketball example).  Then if you connect with others and get feedback on the idea and try to connect with the people/ resources you need to flesh the idea out and handle the objections that will come up.  If it’s a service or product, then you need to connect with people who can get the word out.

This is the process I used to create my first blog.  I said to myself…hmmm…When I watch basketball games, I like seeing people dunking on other people.  I also like clutch shots and seeing people get crossed over (and finishing the play), but those don’t happen as often as much as people get dunked on.  I even like when someone doesn’t get dunked on and they block the shot.  The problem?  There’s not a place where I can see the pictures AND videos in the same place.  If I type in “dunks on Yao” I could get so many different things besides the times Yao got dunked on, and I can only see videos on Youtube.  What if there was a blog to archive the dunks and arrange them by who got dunked on and who was the one dunking?  That’s how was born.

This happens all the time on a small, simple scale too.  I see people are doing this recently with Coronavirus.  The problem?  We want to practice social distancing, but we still want to be social and have as much fun as we can.  What if there was a way we can play games through online conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype?  The All Def Squad did this here (skip to 2:25) with #quarantinegames where they play Utter Nonsense.

See what ideas you can get going!  Get some people involved in them and get some feedback.  You might be surprised as to what you come up with.

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