You and I (Cover) Duet – Jacob Collier & Tori Kelly

Below is a duet on Instagram Live between Tori Kelly and Jacob Collier.

There has been so much mystery with this song from me.  You can hear the original here by Stevie Wonder.  I first heard this song sang by Michael (played by Ralph Carter) on a show called Good Times during Thelma’s Wedding in that show.

I think it’s an incredible song…so incredible it inspired me to learn how to play it.  It just takes you on a ride from soft and simple to powerful and complex and resolves it at the end…like a musical story.

Normally, between me browsing around the internet and the music skills I already have, I can figure out how to play a song like it’s originally played.  This song is the one song I haven’t been able to do that with.

I can find virtually no piano arrangements…no transcriptions that play this song how it’s originally played.  People can sing it accurately, but the piano accompaniment is what I’m talking about.

Most are way too easy and simplistic, but this is a truly advanced song.  There’s lots of contrasting chords each measure.  The duet below is the closest I’ve ever found to how it’s really supposed to be played.  It is no surprise though.  Jacob Collier actually won a Grammy for his arrangement of this song.  I didn’t even know you could win a Grammy for doing that!

I want to learn how to play this song…as close to the original or at least in a way that honors the true complexity of the song and the work that needs to go behind it to play it accurately.


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