Writing From the Heart

This blog post (the one you’re reading right now) and this blog post were written a little differently than normal.  Before writing the one you’re currently reading, I had a 20 minute visualization session, so I feel like I’m pretty in my heart now.  The other blog post was written by purposely trying to center my head an my heart for 10 minutes.  You can do this by focusing on and feeling gratitude.

This is method is mentioned in this article from heartmath.org.  From that article:

The feeling of genuine appreciation is one of the most concrete and easiest positive emotions for individuals to self-generate and sustain for long periods. Nearly all of us can find something to genuinely appreciate. By simply recalling a time when you felt sincere appreciation and then re-creating that feeling, you can increase your heart-rhythm coherence, reduce emotional stress and improve your health. (Coherence here refers to a balance or smoothness in heart rhythms.)

Even from those two articles of my 100+ articles, I can tell there’s a difference in the writing.  Writing from the head is facts and logic.  Writing from the heart is more emotional and connection focused.  Weaving them both together gives you the best of both worlds.  It also makes the writing flow more and is more enjoyable to actually do.

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