Social Rules Still Apply During Social Distancing

With social distancing, there will likely be more people connecting online than ever.  Social rules still apply.

Giving value to online conversations and valuing yourself still applies.

Looking to give vs get and seeking to understand vs trying to be understood still applies.

Starting up conversations and platforms for conversations to happen still applies.

Making the extra effort to connect with people still applies.

Being able to tell what conversations and communication needs and being able to provide that need will still hold weight.

Keeping the same energy online as you would offline still applies.

Finding the right people to connect with still applies.  To be honest, it was easier for me to find communities that had presence online that met offline anyway.

Your character will show no matter what, and you’ll still be able to use social skills.  I think it’s insightful to me to know that people who have a strong enough presence online can go from city to city across the world and still people know of them offline.

Take this time to make your voice heard and presence felt online.


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