Using Death to Help You Prioritize

When I went to a workshop CLW (conscious life workshop), we did an exercise there where we imagined we were on our death beds.  The leader then asked us if there’s anything we would regret and to write it down.

I remember going to that workshop with the intent to learn more about passive income and making a living doing heart-centered work, but when I did that exercise another goal bubbled up to the surface.  A regret I had would have been to have died and never solved my weight issue.  I had been fat for most of my life, and tried different diets, but never really threw the kitchen sink at the problem, and never tried to solve it socially.

I thought it was funny how that exercise brought up the real priority for me at the time.  I soon after joined a group who dealt with food addiction.

I know the thought can be unpleasant, but imagine you’re on your death bed.  Is there anything that you would regret?  Is there any problem or struggle that leaves a sour taste in your mouth from the thought that you didn’t get around to it?  This is one tool…an exercise that could help you find your real priorities.


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