Quarterly Planning

This concept was introduced to me in 2019 as a part of being a member of the coaching program CGC.

I don’t think I would have ever done this without this coaching program because I wouldn’t have thought I needed to.  I always thought this was reserved for businesses, but it has worked great personally.  We’re doing wholistic planning…basically taking into account all areas of our lives.


  • I get to review progress (or lack thereof) from last quarter and see if there’s any improvements that can be made,
  • Make decisions what I want to happen this quarter.
  • Over time I can see where there are sticking points and drags (areas that are bringing the other areas down).
  • It brings structure to the year.
  • It lets you look at what you did accomplish and what you didn’t
  • You can adjust during the year instead of having the year go on autopilot

I’d highly recommend doing any type of quarterly planning.  I can’t see you regretting this.


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