Unfu*k Yourself Book Review

I love this book!

Interesting how…the books I really like seem to either have cussing in the title or cussing in the actual book.

What I liked is that this is one of those tell-it-like-it-is, blunt and direct books.  It didn’t feel like a “feel-good” book, but it doesn’t beat you down either.  It helps you become aware of how much you beat yourself down and is really big on self-talk, and of course DOING.  It focuses on taking action despite what you’re thinking.

It also feels like one of those books I have to keep reading over and over to internalize the messages.  It’s a short read.  In Audible it took me a little over 3 hours to listen to.

When I say I “like” a book, usually I mean there’s a lot I resonate with and that is directly applicable to me.  Sometimes I might hear or read something in a book that stops me dead in my tracks because it hits so hard.  That’s a message I need to keep, because most likely I’ll be able to use it to progress and move forward.  It hits hard because it causes a shift in my thinking and this book had quite a few of those.

Some of the chapter titles alone should let you know what you’re in for:

  • “I Got This”
  • “I Embrace The Uncertainty”
  • “I Am Not My Thoughts, I Am What I Do”
  • “I Am Relentless”
  • “I Expect Nothing And Accept Everything”

Again, I know to internalize some of these messages that haven’t been internalized already it’s going to take some repetition hearing them and experiencing them.


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