Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

I have seen so many animal documentaries it’s crazy.


I’m gonna say crocodiles are the most savage because of the way they eat, but next might be lions.

To see how male lions look to take over prides and end up killing the young cubs of existing prides…

To see how the young animals often are the victims because they are the most vulnerable…

To see how many animals get eaten alive…

is a reminder of how unapologetic nature / evolution / the animal kingdom can be.

Imagine you’re just walking…and a bird comes and snatches you up and takes you to be eaten by its offspring.

We (humans) interfere a lot

Animals already are dealt a pretty rough hand.  We don’t make it any better with hunting, pollution, poaching, building on their homes, and the absurd amount of animal products we eat each year.  We do offset that a little by helping with conservation sites, vets, recycling.

Correlations between humans and animals

With males, there’s usually an order in who eats first, who leads, who gets to reproduce.  I used to hate the social / status structure of a pyramid, but I see it so much it makes me think it’s just a structure that happens naturally.  A lot more people can follow than lead, so that just lends itself to have fewer leaders at the top than at the bottom.

I also notice most of the mothers’ thought goes into her offspring.  You might be saying “duh”, but I think it’s interesting to see the maternal instincts of some of these animals.

That’s it for now.  If I think of something else, I’ll add it here.

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