The Scooby Doo Guy

I had been on a string of doing open mics (piano and singing), I decided to book a spot on the House of Blues’ open mic night.  When the day arrives, me and a friend get there early.

It’s set up to where the stage is at the front…the dining area is in the middle and the bar is in the back.  After I let the staff know I was there, I head to the bar in the back and we just chill.

We see some decent acts…and then it’s my turn to go. I perform, and I think I did pretty well…and it was cool.

I get off the stage and head to the back again and after me another guy, maybe in his early 20’s, gets on the stage with a nice guitar strapped around his shoulders.  I’m instantly getting hype in my mind.  I always get hype when I see a fellow musician because I know the hours and hours of practice it takes to be good.  And he requested a mic?!?! So we might get some singing to accompany the guitar playing?  Yo…let’s go!

I quickly realized this wasn’t gonna go like I thought.  When he grabs the mic he then proceeds to sing the Scooby Doo theme song.  That’s right – “Scooby Dooby Doo…Where are you?”.

Now during this…there are some women who give him the pity claps and dancing along (including the bar tender who was back there with us), but…95% of the room was looking at him and each other like “Wtf?  Is he serious?”.  He was indeed serious.  His set ends and he walks off stage.  Keep in mind…he never plays the guitar at all.  It just hangs on his shoulders pretty much untouched.

This was years ago.  It’s crazy that I remember him so vividly to this day.  It’s a testament to how well violating expectations works to stand out.  From that day, I don’t remember the other decent acts.  Hell, I don’t even remember the songs I played.  All I remember from that day is this mother fucker getting up there with a guitar that he didn’t use singing a damn cartoon theme song.

You can go to far with this concept though.  It was like real-life click bait, and if you’ve seen enough Youtube videos, you’ll understand how annoying this can be.

This stood out because it was very bad, but you can also stand out being extraordinarily good.  This approach is way better received and garners much more respect.  Let’s do that.  Let’s work to be unique, but exceptionally great too because…I don’t wanna get Rick Rolled anymore.

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