The Most Important Social Skill

I say throughout this course that I learned social skills from a friend.

I look back on that experience being around him, and I can say for sure I had a completely different outlook on relationships / people / social skills after being around this guy.  So, what did he really teach me that I could share with you.

When I really break it down, the main component was trust.  Trust in his own ability.  Trust in his own intuition.  Trust in God.  Trust in his instincts.  Trust to dive deeper into his own interests.  Trust to share his talents.  Trust that the right thing to say will come at the right moment.  Trust to act on that right thing that comes up.  Trust in his ability to find answers if he didn’t know them.  Trust in other people and their talents and abilities.  Trust to know when to give and take.  Trust that his investments in people would pay off.

It wasn’t all smooth and many times he’d miss the mark, but it made for such a dynamic life, and he had everyone’s respect around him for trusting at such a high level.

Much of the trust came from work, practice and experience.  It’s a lot easier to trust in your abilities when you’ve consciously worked to build up those abilities and you’ve failed and learned lessons and asked for help when needed and overcame obstacles.  The more you do these things, the more trust you develop in skill building too!

I started to trust at a much higher level after we went separate ways, and of course I started having results I saw him have. I trusted reality and reality trusted me right back.  People trusted me enough to let their guard down around me.   People trusted me with resources.  Reality started giving me great answers to questions I had for years!  People started giving me help and support!  I want you to experience these results and way more.  They will blow your mind!

Trust can leave you vulnerable!  People can hurt you and violate your trust.  People have hurt me and violated my trust.  These can leave some wounds and really leave you hesitant to trust again and be vulnerable.  You can also heal those wounds.  You might need to seek professional help.  I am not a doctor, but I know that there are 7 billion people in the world and they are not all like the people that violated your trust.

I invite you, just as someone invited me, to lean a little more into trust – whatever that means for you.

How can you lean into more trust?  What is your intuition telling you right now?  Are you open for answers to come in?  Do you trust them enough to act on them when they do?  Do you trust other people?  Do you hang around people you trust more often than people you don’t trust?  Do you trust in your own abilities?  Do you trust your intuition?  Do you trust this reality?


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