Abstinence from Boring Mundane Jobs

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Job.  I quit my last one in June 2018. My life has contracted in many ways and expanded in others.

People want to escape the boring, uninspiring jobs, and I get that.  I have been there too many times to count.  But the problem could be that…on some level you want that.  You want the boring mundane job because it’s predicable, it’s safe.  It’s a comfort zone for you.  Don’t look at this as bad.  It is what it is.

What might work instead is to get out of your comfort zone while you’re at your job. Face fears at your job one day at a time.  Ask for something you wouldn’t normally ask for.  Make this a daily practice at your job.  If you find yourself comfortable at your job, do something out of your comfort zone.  Go out of your way to clean the kitchen.  Ask for a raise.  Ask someone above you if there’s a way you can take on more responsibility.  Maybe start taking classes on the side or research a way to make the company better and talk to someone about implementation.  Travel to a new city during your vacation time.  Attend a workshop!  There’s an infinite amount of ways to get out of your comfort zone.  You’ll know when this is happening because you’ll feel the tingle/butterflies in your stomach before approaching your job.  Accept the job as it is and don’t fight it.  Whatever you resist persists.

I might even venture to say, you’re not getting out of your comfort zone outside your job either.  Use this time to swing the pendulum towards facing your fears so your world can expand.  You’ve got to be abundant and free on the inside before you’ll see it on the outside.  If you’re giving into your fears, you’re not free.  You’re a slave to your own fears.

The job on the outside is just a reflection of your own inner world.  Be free now.  The more you are free now, the freer your future will be.




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