Why are Social Skills Important?

Because we live in a social world. You could live a life like Chuck Noland from the movie Cast Away, but why?  There are so many great experiences you can have in a world of more than 7 billion people.

I devalued social skills until I met people with great social circles. Things just flowed easier for them, it was easier to get needs met – to the point they didn’t have to think about getting their needs met as much, which led them to more service and contributing more, which made life better for everyone!

I feel thankful for the years of social isolation and all its struggles.  It helped me appreciate witnessing and experiencing a dynamic social life so much more.

If you think about evolution, to me, it’s easy to believe we’re wired to be social.  If we are wired to be social, then social skills are vital, not only for survival but quality of life.  It’s like you’re fighting against yourself if you don’t develop these skills and put them to good use.


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