Creating Space in Small Ways

If there’s someone (or lots of someone’s) in your world you’re tolerating, and…for whatever reason, you feel you can’t get away from them completely immediately, then you can create space in small ways.

Create some momentum.  If you live with them, you can spend as much time in other places as possible doing things that bring your energy up.  The more you do to raise your vibe and make you feel good, the better you’ll be able to handle and accept the situation you’re while taking action to move forward from it.  Don’t resist it by staying in anger or feeling helpless.  What you resist persists.  Keep moving.  Do as much as you can to find extra energy because you will need it.  I’ve done this before  by spending a lot of time in my car or the library or spending time in nature or at someone else’s place.  You have the whole world at your disposal.

You will be surprised by how much energy you’re spending tolerating a situation.  That energy used for tolerance can be used much more productively.  You have the right to your own space if you need it.


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