Thoughts After Two Months of Daily Blogging

So I’ve made it two months of blogging every day.  Check out the archives to see them all.  Here are observations so far.

  • It’s crazy to me that there’s still always something to write about – and I’ve written very little on current events.  I’m learning to trust whatever this is that’s giving me more and more ideas on what to write about.
  • It feels like I’m engaged with work – Finally! I like doing it.  It’s fun to me.  It’s a challenge to overcome my own blocks – and I love the challenge.  Contrast this with years of lots of boring, repetitive, non-stimulating easy work I did that left me deflated and disengaged from the thought of doing more of it.  Boring, easy work has a cost.
  • Listening to music helps with the flow of writing, but it does depend on the type of music.  I like music from John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Drake, Mac Ayers…something mellow but upbeat.  Matter of fact, this writing is under the influence right now.  I’ve been drinking too much John Mayer music.
  • I feel like I can progress because I’m getting thoughts I’m having up and out of my head. I can invite new thoughts and new actions because I’ve processed things through writing and can avoid circular thinking and circular living.  Shout outs to the people that taught me the importance of getting things “up and out”.
  • I’ve unearthed some big things for me.  One thing that comes to mind is the meaning behind writing so much about social skills.  It means a lot to me because I was told to shut up and be quiet when I was younger – a lot.  No blame, just grew up around pretty much all adults.  I had honestly forgotten about it all until all this writing.
  • There’s a higher sense of responsibility here to keep going.  To keep it fresh and fun.  To get it in front of other eyes.
  • There’s an edge because I don’t want to miss a day 🙂
  • Having clean space to work adds to the appreciation.
  • I want to do a better job of writing as soon as I get the inspiration to write.  Sometimes I push it off until the end of the day to my own detriment.  This is being written at 8:11PM, so I have lots of time and space left in the day to get everything out I need to get out.
  • So far so good 😉 Only…304 days left.

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